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Yukola Mazola in Aurora Cotton Tape

Yukola Mazola in Aurora Cotton Tape

Oh the joys of knitting. Oh the agony of a bad yarn substitution.

Add these two together with a dash of a so-so design and you've got one heck of a storyline for the latest melodramatic Lifetime Special.

I've tried so hard to forget this one that I can't even tell you which design it was. I do know that I obtained it online. Maybe it was free; maybe it wasn't. All I know is that the yarn I substituted was practically for-free because of how deeply it was discounted. Could it be, the yarn manufacturers out there knew what I didn't? That this stuff hangs like a dead weight in the front and, well, that pointy action in the center swings like a flabby elephant's trunk so badly when I walk, I can only wonder what the looker's on would say if I dared wearing it out in public.

And what's up with the back? Did someone forget to add a point in the back, too? (Probably not; there's no such thing as an elephant with two trunks.)

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