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Scrumpted Up and Spat Out

Scrumpted Up and Spat Out

Not one to shy away from the New-Fangled and What-Not of the Day, I decided to throw caution to the wind and performed some Scrumping with a little help from a teacher at my LYS the other weekend day. (And yes, I know, the jury is still out about whether or not this is "scrumbling," or "scrumping," but I've given up the battle of words. Honestly. Who cares? Take a look at my sample: Does it really matter, anyway? Either word is a loser.)

Those who can create bouillions like nobody's business probably have more business in the so-called Scrumping business. Me? I can create boullions, too, but I had to open my big mouth and have an out-loud, one-sided, conversation about "boullions for boullion's sake," and nearly stood up on a step stool to deliver my yarn-induced tirade.

I'm thinking all the devil red-eye laser stares from the other class-takers sort of got me off my game. My Scrumping thingy (meant to be a purse) looks more like something I don't want to mention. In polite company I'd say it is simply a swatch. In impolite company or among friends, I guess I'll admit that the cat couldn't top it, even in the height of hairball season.

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