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Yeah, I know I'll hear from you about this one. I'm looking mighty happy and all lit up by that wonderful twilight, but the Sorbet. The Sorbet. Not. A. Winner.

I should have paid attention to the model in the book, Rowan's Classic Holiday No. Three. She looked sloutchy and puffy and saggy-booby but I thought that I wasn't slouchy and puffy or saggy-booby so it wouldn't be so for me.

But it was...and it still is. Even though I corseted it. I did some fancy footwork and I have to say although it looks much better, it is not right.

Love the yarn. Love the idea and the general pattern. But it is not constructed to fit well. Oh well. Oh well. But I do look happy in it, don't I? (That's why you need to beware of leaning/happy models in twilight.)

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