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The Menor-Huh (?) Hoodie Nightmare

The Menor-Huh (?) Hoodie Nightmare

Well, "nightmare" is a bit of an exaggeration. I say this because the Karabella Aurora Bulky yarn I used sort of put me in a spell. A spell that got me into a non-funk, a semi-high, if you will. So, I never realized exactly what a loser this thing would be. Knitting it was just too much fun.

I attempted a motif. Gosh knows, I didn't want a candelabra. Or a Menorah. I didn't want either. I just wanted something I couldn't put my finger on and I suppose I should have spent more time on that part of the design.

The hood? It is a good thing you can't see it here because even a gnome wouldn't want to wear it. (Way too pointy.) Someone even commented that I should just wear it and tell Those Who Inquire that I'm from France. Thing is, most people who'd wonder about it probably aren't old enough to get the allusion. Oh well.

The Hoodie Nightmare is not yet over. I haven't yet ripped the thing out. I'll save that for another day.

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