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Soon-to-Be Unknown Vest

Soon-to-Be Unknown Vest

I think there should be a warning label that comes along with yarns, you know: "Prehandled by a smoker," or "Made of stinky stuff. Don't get it wet."

This yarn is a real stinky yarn but it is gorgeous. It is hard on the hands, too, which makes the smelly part even harder to handle. And seed stitch with the stuff? Forget about it.

And the design? Let's just say the yarn doesn't match it, so I'll put the pattern away for another day. Meanwhile, this stuff (The RYC Natural Silk Aran [gorgeous but stinky right out of the bag]) will be airing out with a couple of old vanilla beans and a prayer--but not after I hit the vest with the trusty ball winder. Man, those Japanese folks really got it going on with the ball winders. There's nothing like a ball winder to make the pain go away. It's faster than a shot of NyQuil and it doesn't hurt a bit...unless you have a terrible shoulder problem.

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