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January 08, 2015



How about a lovely lace scarf or cowl.?


I would do a shawlette :)


There's certainly enough to do a fair sized shawl!


Definitely socks. But I'm on a bit of a sock binge now :)

Sue Gagnon

I would love to see a caplet maybe cabled. I've been making some this winter ..they hug me with warmth from my neck to my elbows and keep off the draft. I love the coloration of each skein. Best of luck.


I can see some long arm warmers. The color is lovely and I'd throw in some cables with possibly a bit of lace detail on the arms?? Good luck-can't wait to see what you choose to make:)


I would make a Hitchhiker or another one of Martina Behm's shawls. The Lintilla is also super fun.


What about Yumiko Alexander's Lace Lichen sleeves from Rustic Modern Knits? I'd say they'd be beautiful.


I would knit socks. I like the relatively new pattern Hiyahiya Cherry Blossom socks.


I am going for a scarf. And guys please my blog knittingpatternsandprojects.blogspot.co.uk and please do comment there.


I think you would look great in a slouchy hat in that color... is that creepy to say? maybe. anyway, I vote hat.


Definitely socks. It's -35 here in IL!


I think a Shawl to show off the yarn would be beautiful. With some lace patterning.

Barb T.

Well, I would knit K. Mclure's Sockhead Hat if it wasn't 6 degrees with a windchill this morning; that hat is better worn when winter is in the sayonara stage, so being a sock lover, I think Cookie A.'s Monkey socks would be so cute. They are such a fun pattern, and I am itching to make another pair.


Something with alternating stripes so you can see the flow of the colors together


I think a lacy, drapey cowl would be pretty.


A shawl would be nice!

princess di

Mitts so you can look down and see your handiwork. Welded mitts.


If you want a challenge, (my next project) knit the Braid shawl by Foldi
Estuary by Tincan knits

A simpler easier shawl (but just as pretty) the Summer Flies shawl.

Or any socks on the Couriosity Cabinet series or Cookie A socks.

Have fun!


They would make wonderful socks, but I think a cowl or shawl would let you show off those beautiful colors a little more.


Cashmere blend fingerless mitts! And maybe a jaunty lacy beret to go with them if there is enough yardage. The nylon would help the mitts hold up with wear.


I would go with socks, personally, but I think a cowl would be great as well.

leanne welch

I would go with the mitts, its cold in New England so I am biased!

Mary Kay

I would do socks, something with skinny cables. I have a pattern called Periwinkle Toes that would be pretty.


What about Prolix Mitts. They are currently on my must knit list!

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