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December 08, 2014



Yes, Wendy, the last couple of days have been just like that for me - too much noise, chaos. I want to go hibernate somewhere. And the worst part is that my knitting ends up taking a back seat to all the other urgencies. As much as I enjoy the holiday season, there are times when I would like to take the superhighway bypass.

Princess Di

I work for a Major shipping company. On the operation level at a major hub. You can just imagine the noise. When I get in the car for the ride home, I don't turn on the radio. AAAAHHHH...silence. When you get home you throw on a great Xmas movie with a glass of wine under a fleece blankie. Luxury.


Totally. I feel awkward knitting for someone unless I know they will appreciate it. I don't want it to be like "well, I know she'll knit me something (sigh)"


Hole up, hide out. ;-)


I get it. I've been so distracted and my son, who's 22 months, had a rough day yesterday. He was just being SO toddler! I realized in the evening, while I was making supper and my husband was playing with him, that all he wanted today was my attention, but I was so lost in my own chaotic thoughts, I couldn't give him what he needed. We're taking a break today and going to visit Grandma and Grandpa. I think it'll do us both some good.


I realized yesterday that in the noise and chaos I did not pick my needles up once. It is rare for me to have more than a day go by without knitting at least a few stitches. I knit precious few Christmas gifts, usually something for my sister and something for my sister in law. My girlchild wants a Dr. Who hat and if I have time I may make that happen (she does not always appreciate knitted items). And I'm with you on the chaos kissing my grits!


The pillow looks so cool, I would wear a hat or a scarf from you in a min..Miss you W


Christmas is my crazy time. The house is usually full of family. So to make this an enjoyable time anything I can do ahead of time gets done. When the craziness starts I'm ready.
I know I can kick back once the food is on the table. Then I just enjoy having everyone around.
The mess in the kitchen gets left until we get to it.


I am like you, when there is too much going on, I just kind of shut down. Everything grinds to a halt for me until I can feel less stressed. I've learned over the years when to recognize it is coming and try to make my life less hectic.


I'm like you and Kathy above. When it gets to be too much, I tuck in, fake headaches, pretend I'm a shut in. I assume eventually, it will become easier to say "No, thank you" and mean it without having to come up with an explanation.

Kiss my grits...classic!

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