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August 20, 2014



This made me laugh!

I've never been in a knitting-group fight or heard anything untoward said there, but writing! I just won't go writing with anybody who also talks with me any more. I have to turn off my internal censor to do creative writing, and what comes out of my mouth when I'm taking a break… I'm just lucky eavesdroppers have never reported me to Homeland Security.

Linda Cannon

I love the yarn colors, yummy.
I too have to be very careful about what I say.


I have never experienced the in-person inappropriate babbling or commentary. Knitting groups on the Internet or Facebook, however, are a whole other matter! OMG what people will share, write, or call other people perpetually astonishes me! Other than the occasional answer to a query or the positive, "Wow, that is nice!", I seldom cchime in. And, I never criticize the othe knitters in their choice of styles, knitting, or yarn choices, but I seem to be the minority! Why, oh why, would you tell some poor person that their yarn is ugly or cheap, or my personal favorite, "nasty"?

Jennifer B

oh our group meets at paradise bakery and we were just saying how nice it would be if they served wine..

But maybe it's for the best that they don't!

Aunt Marti

LOL, once at knit group I dropped a stitch and exclaimed, "Sh--!" A woman who didn't even know me said, "I just hate to hear women use bad words." I knitted on for a few minutes, then gathered up my project and announced, "I don't need this sh--!" I haven't been back! I'm 57 years old, and if I want to say a bad word, it's MY business, not yours!

Robin Allen

Aw, you poor thing having to knit all that yarn. :-)

I'm glad I'm an introvert and can happily knit at home alone.

Princess Di

True Story.

Anonymous for obvious reasons

I wasn't at this knit night, but my group had a session where someone allegedly admitted to committing a serious crime, which was overheard by someone else and reported to the police, resulting in a criminal investigation. Nothing came of it, in the end, but it caused a huge split in the group.


Funny about the TMI during knitting (& quilting) get-togethers. I have learned to be way more circumspect so that I don't kick myself later! I think the crafters are not making eye contact while creating, also they feel safe, hence the secrets spilling forth...

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