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August 01, 2014


Judith C

Maybe you could make throw pillows from your relative's purses. Sell them on Etsy and satisfy your needs for eyeshadow.


Judith! Such a good idea!


Oh I buy so much make up and lotions I never use! I love to buy fingernail polish too. But I don't wear it. I will wear flip flops every day and carry my Louis Vuitton purse. (Courtesy of hubby). I would wear the same shirt everyday... Am overweight but my main focus is chin hairs. Which no one can see. Most non knitters would be shocked at the cost of the sick yarn I use... I would never spend $30 on a pair if socks in the store.


Honestly. Chin hairs are always top of mind. If not, then you're under 43.

Robin Allen

Most of my weird spending habits are related to food. I won't spend $15 on a ginormous bag of frozen blueberries that lasts a month, but I regularly spend that much money on a bottle of wine that lasts...well, let's just say it's a much shorter length of time.


Oh, so we're talking about our Problem Categories now, huh? OK, in no particular order, here are mine: High thread count 100% cotton sheets. Dishes - seven sets, and probably not done (I rarely cook). Piano music, in the urtext version, of course (I've sent for the international edition of a Scriabin book just for the first line of a prelude). Aspirational yarn (no additional qualifiers necessary here).


Oh yeah. Expensive tea.


I buy very expensive tea also.
And pens, just saying don't got to Jetpens.com


After I posted I noticed that some one mentioned YARN--I totally forgot about all the money I spend on yarn. Ignorance is bliss....


The pillows look great! One of my sons took apart my sewing machine when he was a toddler about 20 years ago and that was the end of that. I should really spend money on a new one, but I keep buying yarn for wool sweaters and shawls I never wear.

Lydia S

Love-love the new pillow covers. I've spent $300 + for cowboys boots, but won't spend more than $1.50 a pound for grapes. If you wanna talk about yarn-well now that's a whole nuther animal altogether.


Fountain Pens, not necessarily expensive fountain pens (but even an "inexpensive" fountain pen is a far cry more expensive than say a ball point). Funny/fun coffee mugs....bags I have all sorts of weird spending habits. :)


Yes....And, I cannot possibly enumerate them here!

This topic is interesting, as I was watching How Green Was My Valley, and the father told the family that money was made to be spent... Such a contradiction to what many people think. Interesting.


I totally understand this, and on the same kind of note, I find it funny how I want to buy everything when I can't and then when I get some extra money, none of it seems like a good idea anymore!

Amanda W.

I can't stop buying brightly colored variegated sock yarn. I love it in the skein but I never like how it knits up and I never like to wear items knitted with variegated yarn. I will pick up a skein of yarn in a store, ooh and aaahhh over it, tell myself I'll never wear anything knit with this, and then buy it anyway because it's so pretty. It's a sickness.


Thanks for writing this! You're absolutely right. I hate shopping for clothes and often end up at Goodwill because GAH! clothes are stupid and expensive and why can't we just wear t-shirts and jeans to work every day? Yet I think nothing of spending $28 on a skein of yarn to make socks that no one will see under my aforementioned jeans. I also get one of those fancy produce bins delivered to my house every other week yet have a hard time buying organic raspberries at the grocery. This makes no sense, but there it is!


Oh, I know spending weirdness. Reference books are my weakness! I buy tomes, start reading, and stop. There they sit, waiting for me to "get back to them" someday. I have the Threads magazine archive (digital) through 2010, college textbooks on fashion design, Harold McGee books on food science, Principles of Knitting, books on statistical analyses... I crave the books but can't finish a single one.

And to economize on time, I try to go grocery shopping 1x a week, but the produce often goes bad before I have a chance to cook it, so it turns into very expensive, organic compost. I'm trying to adjust to shopping 2x a week and buying only 3 days' food at a time, but what if I can't make the trip to the grocery and then we have nothing to make dinner with and... Ha. OK, I'll stop here.


I your humor and your choice of eye-shadow colors.


I have been *obsessed* with a set of Le Creuset pots and pans that I ran across on amazon FOR YEARS! Every times I get a little extra money I think, I'm buying those damn pots! I've resisted so far ... we'll see. And do I cook, no. I effed up microwave popcorn last night.


Mollysusie, regarding the Le Creuset: I collect them. slowwwwwly. When I see one on sale and I can afford it, I buy a piece. My "set" doesn't match color wise, but they make me so happy!

Julie Z.

Since you have no plans to wear the shadow anyway...maybe you can find a cheap version of the blue shadow and at least own the color. And try it on to know it isn't flattering!
I understand the "not being able to sleep" part. For me it usually passes when I find something else to take its place.

fishgirl182 @ nite lite

I definitely have some odd spending habits. yarn, of course. Most non-knitters don't understand why I would spend as much as I do on a ball of yarn.

I also read a lot and buy a lot of books. Many of my friends would never consider buying a book full price. While I do my fair share of online shopping, I will alternate with buying books in bookstores. Supporting authors and bookstores is important to me so I am willing to pay more for it.

That said, I would never spend $500 on a handbag or shoes, but I know some people who do it regularly. It's all about what you like and are willing to spend money on.

Oh and food. I'll spend money on good food.

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