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May 16, 2014



Why did he seem like a Somali pirate? Was he just a black man, or a black man with an accent? I have to say this post reeks of racism. I don't think I will be reading your blog anymore.


It's not racism, Callie.

He simply looked like a Somali Pirate. Yes, he had dark skin. He tried to intimidate me like pirates do. End of story.

If he looked like Johnny Depp and was wearing velvet and intimidated me, I'd say he was like a Jack Sparrow Taxi Driver.


I am at a loss to understand how a taxi driver can behave this way? Is this the norm in the States? I am truly shocked that a taxi driver would try to extort money from you no matter what race the taxi driver is, race doesn't come into this at all but the truly terrible behaviour of that driver is what comes out.

I never thought of this post as being racist, it certainly didn't come across as such. There is way too much political correctness, that even innocent comments get misconstrued.

I wish you a speedy recovery, back injuries can be severely painful and debilitating.

Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blogs and your books are great!

Barb T.

Truly irritating comment, Callie! Hope your back heels soon, Wendy; can't wait for your book.

Melissa from Oklahoma

1. Happy indeed for good news about your new book - looking forward to its release!
2. Sorry for your back injury - hope you heal completely.
3. The taxi driver's behavior should be reported to the cab company and the airport.


Your new book sounds wonderful!
It is exciting that Nancy Fancy's yarn is finding new homes.
I hope your back feels better.


So much for my resolution not to purchase any new knitting books...you had me from top down or,bottom up!


Poor you! Feel better soon, and I hope that at least you have both knitting and trashy TV to entertain you until the back heals properly.

I love the idea behind your new book. Thinking about stitch patterns from all angles and uses is brilliant! Wonderfully useful.

And the phrase "adding insult to injury" seems seriously appropriate here. (and it's the FIRST comment? Internet wonders never cease.)


The new book is wonderful, but now I'm wondering how I got a copy two weeks ago if it hasn't been released yet. A different kind of pirate?

Good luck with the back, follow medical advice, and keep moving, even if it takes drugs to keep you going. Sitting still and "resting" your back is often the worst thing for it.

Robin Allen

A new stitch dictionary is just what I need. The Amazon Look Inside feature shows that you gave the patterns a name. Thank you!

I think your next pattern should be called Somali Pirate. :-)

Princess Di

Congrats on the new book. It sounds like a real winner and everyone agrees. I can't wait to see it!




Congrats on the new book & my sympathy about the bad taxi ride and the back injury.

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