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April 27, 2014



I was in this same predicament about 10 years ago with my Aunt. She gave me lots and lots of yarn and then we sold lots and lots of yarn. I'm still trying knit from her stash. It sometimes makes me sad that she can't see what I make from her stash.


When I was 20 my mother passed. She was a prolific knitter. At the time I was not. I remember going through her stash and saving random things. Things like 2 double pointed needles of a set of 5 (see I had no idea what I was doing). Now I've been knitting for 12 or so years and wonder what treasures from her stash went to good will. What a wonderful friend you are to help in this way!

Melissa from Oklahoma

Oh, such pretty yarn! We can't wait to see it up close.


How sweet of you.

Princess Di

What a sweet and sad and happy story. She means a lot to you. It spurs me to knit my stash faster!

Robin Allen

Fix the post office? Pshaw. I had 8-tracks in high school, too. Rolling Stones Start Me Up is seared into my brain. And cars were much smaller then, so you couldn't have too many with you.


I am the only knitter in my family and even though I am only in my late 30s I wonder what I will do with my stash once I can't knit anymore. Will anyone cherish it like I do. Will my boys want a skein or two to remember me by. Its sad and happy at the same time. I will knit as much as possible while I still add to it here and there and hope that I have daughter in laws that may want to knit one day.


Makes me wonder if I need to be more focused on knitting up my treasures and now buy new. Makes you feel human. Kudos to you for your support of her. Watched the Shining in high school too. Eek!! Post Office? Isn't it Staples that now has PO counters?


I love the top pic - pretty colors. I know I look awful from the back, but when I was young, not so bad...
Good luck with the stash selling. I'm sure your friend appreciates your help.

Jeannie at 365 Creative Dresses

Just a hint, if you don't like going to the Post Office, you can print and pay for your labels using either USPS, or PayPal. I prefer PayPal---look under Merchant Services. You get a discount for doing it this way, too.

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