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December 15, 2013



Cute yarn - sad bananas on the sock ripping :(

I missed my grandmother for years before she passed away earlier this year, because I lost her years ago to dementia. She was my favorite person and second mom for most of my life.
What a beautiful vase you have to remember the lucid and creative version of her :) my grandmother was a supreme minimalist, so there aren't a lot of artifacts of her existence, but she sewed the pillow ticks to the pillows I sleep on every night and am, in fact, reclining on at this very moment. I miss my Nanny.


Sorry about the frogging on the sock. I like the idea behind the names of the yarn and that they come with a recipe. Sorry about your grandmother.


Haha, yarn with a sense of humour! I always love seeing the cool names that people come up with! :)

Seanna Lea

I love the idea of the Tipsy Sheep yarn. I am off buying yarn for a while (I just placed an order yesterday, so I want to concentrate on my current projects, so I can start the new project when the materials arrive.

marti strong

The vase your beloved grandmother made is so beautiful....don't you think of the creativity of our ancestors is the source of ours?
Love the socks


I use my scale a lot! Really helpful to take decisions but that does not mean I never frog :)

Donna Lee

I have a ceramic Christmas tree my favorite aunt made years ago when ceramics were a thing. She gave it to me before she died and it is one of my most precious possessions. It's very 70's.

I lost a grandparent to Alzheimers. It was so heartbreaking to talk to her and all she knew was I was a nice lady come to visit. In her mind, she was an 8 yr old girl.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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