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December 08, 2013



Look!!! At Rocko!!! Hullo Chuck.
Cute sweater!! I love your style!!


Love the sweater! But I absolutely love seeing Chuck... My lab is 15 years old now. Love every minute of every day with her---the ancient lab. What a gift of love!


I had been wondering about Chuck! Hello old guy! And the sweater...you wear it well!


I like the sweater. It looks super comfy and the bias knit is interesting. I think, should you be interested, it would be worth writing the pattern for. Of course, then you'd have to go back and figure out your gauge!

Tamara Lin

The sweater is great! I'd totally wear that. And it's great to see Chuck. We old K&T readers love him.


I love the sweater, it looks so comfortable.


I love the sweater it looks wonderful. Good to see old Chuck. I've hoped that the old guy was doing well.

Melissa from Oklahoma

All of the above.

Sophie from Japan

Your sweater looks great !


Love the sweater, I'd totally knit and wear that if you publish the pattern.


oh Chuck! I wondered where he has been! Glad he's still around :)


Love seeing Chuck!!


A trifecta of puppies! Great to see them all.

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