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August 27, 2013



You're very sneaky putting that hat on Girlfriend since she makes absolutely everything look adorable. Of course, it is a terrific pattern anyway but still...clever marketing, Wendy.


That hat totally works on Girlfriend!


I am one of those rip it out because my eye will go straight to that spot later. With newbie knitters it's more important they feel that glowy excitement that's keep them knitting than getting it perfect.


If its part of the pattern, I'm okay. If its my mistake, I'm afraid ill spend hours "perfecting" it.


Dropped stitches can make a pattern if there are enough of them I think in general I'm one of those who will always say to knit back and repair a dropped stitch (my friends already make fun of me because of this attitude)


I can live with some mistakes, though not generally a dropped stitch. Screwed up counts on a sock...add one and move along! Girlfriend is rockin' the hat!


Even though I am often one of the latter, I love this design. Very fun.


I seem to be of a different generation. ( In my best old man voice ) Back in my day, we use to look for " distressed" garments. I like the "worn" look of your hat.

Now, to answer your question. Being a newish knitter, I'd appreciate the comments and would expect some help offered.


I am able to appreciate unusual design features even if they aren't for me. But mistakes are hard to get over. Virgo. I feel a compulsion to go back and fix mistakes, especially if I can see them, which unfortunately means I spend a lot of time tinking. Your hat is cute.


I fix dropped sitches since they can run and big mistakes like mis-crossed cables. I don't usually sweat small stuff like an SSK instead of a k2tog.


Long time reader, first time comments. Cute hat, but much as I appreciate the design, it would eventually drive me crazy. There might be an occaisional error that slips by in the process, but if I find it, it gets tinked and repaired. (We won't talk about the Sheep shawl that I took apart - after finishing and blocking - when finding a dropped stitch in the very first pattern repeat...) I enjoy the blog, and the books - thanks,


Yeah, I hear you about the dropped stitches. Because they were on purpose and I made it so they drop down only to a certain point, they don't bother me. I like the distressed look of the cap. I bet I'll hear all sorts of opinions when the design is released!


I often have to stop knitting and live with the mistake for a day or two. If it still bugs me, I fix it. If I decide I was being nutty, I ignore it and knit on.


That's quite a fantastic hat! Hard to get random perfectly random even, I find. I'm definately a "fix it as I go-er" (ie, oh hey, I'm short two stitches, how did that happen... I'll add two now) and only a re-doer when I can really notice that a pattern is messed up. Depending on how messed up, and how many rows later I notice it, of course...


I remember the first time I read 'random' in a pattern & the panic I felt not knowing 'where' random is...

I obviously fall into the latter category :)

I love the hat, though, since I know those dropped stitches are supposed to be there. But if you don't tell me where to do them, it's probably not going to happen ~ heh!


Oh, I wrote the pattern out pretty much line by line. The written pattern isn't random, but the way it looks is random! (And I promise, those dropped stitches are controlled and won't drop beyond where I tell them to. They're anchored by a m1.)


random with instructions...right up my alley

now I can't wait for the pattern!!
thank you :)


It depends on what the mistake is. If it's a dropped stitch I'll rip it back and fix that since that can only get bigger. However I've been known to leave in patterns that were off by a little bit and nobody would notice it.

Kiss The Dress UK

so cute

Rhea G

When will you let us have the pattern? Will you put in your next book or on your blog? Love it!



I am knitting up another sample, and then having it edited. The pattern will be available here on the blog. If it were to go into a book, you wouldn't see it for probably two years!


Yes, I would fix a dropped stitch because it would drive me bonkers.
But this hat is perfect! Especially for kids! My son has a winter knit hat (mass produced) of his favorite sports team. There is a run in it and it drives me crazy.


San Diego. Yarn Crawl. I am SO jealous! I miss SD every day (I live in PA). A 4-day yarn crawl...sigh. I need to plan a vacation during the yarn crawl next year.


I will work on something till it's perfect usually but say if I drop a stitch and have worked more than 4 inches above it I have better technique for dealing with it that usually doesn't create a hole. I hold the dropped stitch on a stitch marker and then come back with yarn and pull it through to the other side and weave it in. It works most of the time and prevents major frogging.


Love that hat! My kids would love that hat:) Where can I fing your pattern?

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