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August 22, 2013



I miss my Grandma too. I knit just like her, and in school she would always finish my knitting projects for me. I once embroidered a card for her (years and years ago) and when she died and we went through her teeny little apartment (heart wrenching) I found it tucked away with all her precious things. I never doubted how much she loved me.


Dear Wendy, I would be proud and happy to become number four on your list of thrilled-to-receive-handknits list. Now if I only knew how to get into your inner circle! I find that because I knit almost no one wants to knit for me. When my daughter was born only one person knit for my baby (an absolutely beautiful blanket she still has!) because they "don't knit as well as (I) and ....". My daughter is all grown up now and a truly spectacular knitter. She does knit for me. Every Christmas includes a beautiful pair of socks at the very least. But still, no one else! :(


It is so sweet of you to share such a personal post.

I know what you mean about knit(craft)-worthy people. I decided long ago that if I wanted to make something for someone I had to accept whatever their response would be. Sometimes the items that I so carefully and meticulously made would end up as a dog chew toy or cleaning rag, but that just had to be ok. I gave the gift and the recipient got to choose whatever they wanted to do with it.

I'm glad you found those two precious photos. They will be great keepsakes for you and your daughter.

And thanks for sharing the pouch. I love to embroider and haven't done so in a while. It's one of the things my grandma taught me. I think I'll make a pouch for myself.


Like you, I was so lucky to have a grandmother who both sewed,crocheted,knit and cooked and baked for me. Sometimes, from grandmothers you really feel the love. With mothers, you tend to just take it for granted.

Even though "Chloe" is a just a pseudonym for me since a well-known blogger once said not to use your own name online and I am now committed to it, it is still nice to see it embroidered on that little pouch. Such an adorable idea. And those memories of working with you will be something that Girlfriend will one day really treasure.


What a great gift idea. Girlfriend did a great job -- don't know what the dog looks like IRL, but that is one cute drawing!

Now I'm tempted to dust off the sewing machine . . .


Such a beautiful post Wendy. I've also had the "eww" experience when giving a hand crocheted gift once. Nothing handmade for that person ever again. I am excited for you that you found 2 photos of your grandma knitting. What treasures! I would love to have a photo of my grandma doing her embroidery. Great project bag for the tutor.


Yesterday would have been my Mom's 82nd birthday. It makes me a little sad that my children never knew her, or that she isn't around to see how interested my 8 year old girl is in all things sewing. She didn't like to knit, so an aunt taught me that, but she did teach me to embroidery, crochet, sew, and quilt. My grandmother taught me to hand piece a 9-patch quilt block one summer when we spent a couple of weeks at her house, and Mom taught me how to use the sewing machine when we got home. I remember the summer I was 8 or 9 my grandma coming from Colorado to visit, and she and my mom hand quilted the 9-patch quilt top I made (and still have safely packed away). She came to live with us just a few years after that, but she had Alzheimer's so didn't remember who I was anymore.

Mimi Emig

I now have the recipient help pick out pattern and color before I embark on a hand-made project. It takes the surprise out of a gift, but I'm much happier knowing that they'll like and use what I've put effort into making, instead of it winding up in the back of a drawer.


I miss my Gram too. She's the only one that has ever knit for me. (other than those felted bag swaps I join in on when knitblogs were what held my life together).

I made my SIL a pair of fingerless mitts last Christmas and my BIL asked for a pair. Maybe my knitworthy list is growing.


What a lovely pouch! Such a special gift since you both worked on it! And you received such a lovely gift too - the photos of your grandmother! Early in my marriage I made a crazy quilted clutch for my MIL. She totally ripped it apart, and re-did it....then put it into a drawer and never used it. They also never used the needlepoint Christmas stocking I made my husband's nephew (who they had adopted). So I never made them anything ever again.


What a great idea for a gift from the heart! Congrats to both of you for your skills and creativity! Glad the recipient is one of the good ones!


Yes, few people are worthy of hand-crafted items. So glad the tutor appreciated her lovely little bag! I also had wonderful grandmothers who were quite "crafty" & I'm proud I've inherited those genes.

Seanna Lea

My grandmother on my mom's side is still alive (and I am grateful). Walking through her home is like a treasure trove of the homemade, including at least one cross-stitch piece I made for her that was almost completely beaded. It is definitely wonderful to see the care and give the care in return.


I am wearing a beaded bracelet that my son's girlfriend made for me for my birthday. I love it and she loves that I wear it alot. Somebody made something for me!! Of course I am going to wear it.
As far as the knitworthy, I know about it all too well!

That pouch is lovely.

Maureen J

My grandmother decided early in life that she didn't want to be an old lady who knit, so she learned to crochet. The only thing I have that she made was a sort flat stuffed doll with an attached crocheted green and yellow hat and dress and an embroidered face. My sister's was red and blue.

She was a perfect grandma and I still have the doll tucked away in the linen closet.

Renna Hanlon

Other than for my daughter and a niece (both grown), the only hand knitting I give as gifts are cotton dishcloths, and acrylic baby booties. Otherwise, it's not worth the time and money spent on yarn to know it will end up in someone's hot wash and hot dryer.

I wish you'd share your pics of your grandmother knitting!


When I can go through the pictures without getting too emotional, I will...


I've been disappointed so many times by recipients' responses to gifts that were made with much love and took considerable time to finish...it's not fun! The MIL who asked me to reknit a rather large lace shawl to make it 6" bigger...to the colleague who complained that I was "cheap" because I knit a complete baby layette rather than buying something...to the step-daughter who complained that the yarn was too "scratchy" (baby alpaca!) - I could go on and on!

I now knit only for my husband, daughter, two grandchildren - and my doctor receives a hand-knit gift every Valentine's Day and is so appreciative I could cry!

There's an old wives tale that needlework skills skip every other generation. My grandmother sewed everything, my mom crocheted only 2 afghans in her lifetime, I do all kinds of needlework, my daughter has no interest, but my soon-to-be 5 year old granddaughter wants me to teach her everything...I finally have a soul-mate and I'm loving every minute!!!

Peace and love to you...


So sorry for your loss, Wendy. My cousin died in January, and her mother (my aunt) is similarly unaware. It is sad all around.

The bag is a great collaborative project between you and Girlfriend. I'm happy that it was so well received.

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