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May 06, 2013


Monica Brown

Great tip! I would love the brand of the cashmere sweaters!


I usually haunt J Crew Cashmere (their featherweight version is light enough to wear year round in CA).


With you on the lightweight cashmere sweaters. They are worth it, because they last. Thanks for the tip on the Lily Brush. You have just saved a couple of items from my "too pilled to wear" pile.


Wow! Need that. Hope you are feeling better :)


Just ordered a Lilly brush from amazon.com. Thanks for that tip, as I have a couple of well-loved cashmere sweaters that I only wear at home now ... but they may be ready for prime time once again. Can't wait for your next book!

Marjorie McLaren

Great tip. Hope you feel better soon (at least by the time you finish your next book!)


I need one! I have so many gorgeous sweaters that are just pilled to death >.<


Ok. So heres the deal. Design some sweaters we can knit and wear and look good in if we arent models. If we are post menopausal Californians. I have faith in you. Please. Design that sweater.

Seanna Lea

I understand about now discussing your health. I feel like the more trivial (bad word, but you know things that aren't cancer, etc.) the ailment the less I feel like I can talk about it. Bronchitis, nope, amputation, maybe.


So sad they don't ship to Switzerland :-(

Gay Schiff

the last time I shaved a sweater I put holes in it so I haven't ever again this tool looks genius! love the flower tunic lots and hope you feel better soon. my guy had to go to vestibular therapy...worked wonders! good luck wendy!

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