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January 02, 2013



Love the honeycomb hat and love the poms you are the pom master.......


I love the hat!


Nice job Wendy!


Oh, I love this hat. Please tell me you're going to release the pattern for it soon ... you know, before it gets up to 40 degrees around here. ;)

Katie Lynn

Was the name you were trying to come up with Colin Farrell?

sharon lee

very nice hat. any pattern coming? i am trying poms myself, but am still in the 'too floofy and the yarn breaks when you try to pull it tight' or 'too skimpy and it disintegrates when you let go of it' stage of pom poms.


Ohhh....That's a terrific idea for attaching pom poms! Really love the hat


Yup, Colin Farrell.


I LOVE this pattern. Seriously - I need to knit myself a hat, like, yesterday. But I think I'm going to wait for this to be available. So...knit fast!!!


Cute! I really like it a lot!

Seanna Lea

The hat looks really cute to me. I have enough hair (though it is really short) that I've never found it uncomfortable to wear wool.

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cool looking hat :) & surely fashionable not funny ;)


Gorgeous colours and I love the Pom Pom trick!


LOVE it!!!! AND - where DO you find Wollmeise????


Wollmeise is tricky. You have to troll the online shop for updates or look for it at the Loopy Ewe. Another place to get it is on Ravelry (de-stashes, etc.)

It is sock yarn, so subbing is a breeze.


nice hat! But you did not show your ugg with shorts. Sometimes they looks great, cos once i try them xd:)


Interesting hat! I have a fibery event to attend in about 6 months, and am considering your Somewhat Cowl for my "event sweater" (I think it's a law that you gotta knit yourself a sweater to attend one of these events...), as I already have the yarn. I will have to wait until I get my new debit card, as I lost mine (!!!). Holla at ya later!

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Hi i looked your post and I read it twice but i cant understand this concept clearly!!So can any one clear it??


I love this toque and had a dream about pom poms last night!


As someone who lives in one of those colder climates (blizzard predicted for today!), being a knitter kicks ass. And this hat? It would look totally awesome with my new parka.

Looking forward to the pattern!

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