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December 13, 2012



Then there's always the issue of the recipient being truly 'knitworthy' and appreciating all the thought, time and effort that has gone into the creation of the item. Not all recipients are appreciative which can be extremely disappointing for the knitter.


Is that owl sitting in some Marilyn plant?


Yes, Ali. I would say so.

Melinda B

To me it's sort of a relief when they'd rather not have a knitted thing. As time goes on I make less and less for other people, mostly because I want stuff for myself and because it's nice for them not to feel the stress of making me happy through appreciation.

Seanna Lea

I love knitting and I don't mind knitting for other people, but I prefer the items I'm knitting to be free sized rather than wonder if it is going to fit if I instead knit a sweater or long socks (like knee highs with calf shaping).


I love knitting gifts, but it's always such a nerve-wracking experience! My immediate family is getting all handmade stuff this year, and I'm both terrified and scrambling to finish >.<


this post gives me relief.....
I've been stressing, thinking, pondering,counting skeins, fingering fibers,....all for a baby blanket that I'm sure the new Mom would love regardless of what it feels or looks like....
but oh my,,,the amount of wasted time on my part thinking about it - "just get on with it" is what I keep saying to myself....
she's not a knitter - in six months..
I know the ends will be out, wonky cotton pulled into an odd shape...
I'd stitch something - but I don't know how!!!!


I stopped knitting Christmas gifts many years ago when the number of heads needing hats from me outpaced my capacity to cover them with something cute. Now I purchase gifts like a regular non-knitter and when inspired to knit a gift for a special person, I will knit them something at that time. Sometimes it coincides with another celebration, but mostly it makes for a less stressful holiday season for me. JM2C.


Such a kindred spirit you are! :)

Metaphor Yarns

A customer told me that her mechanic asked her if she would make him a pair of socks when he saw her knitting one while she was waiting for her car. She thought about it for a minute then asked him how much he charges per hour to work on cars. He said $40/hour. So she said that using his rate as a benchmark, a pair of socks would cost him about $450. He'd had no idea the time and skill that goes into knitting a sock. So it is with gifts we knitters give to non-knitters.


I am a very selfish knitter. Here's my rule: if I gave birth to you or I am married to you, I'll knit for you. Otherwise, I knit for myself.... I know exactly how long it takes and the effort put into a project. and I never have to ask "wonder if I'll like it?"... I am always an appreciative recipient!


just realize the little things on top of his head are pins .. so sweet


That owl is adorable!

The Martini Knitter

Wow! I was shocked to read that you don't like to knit for others! I enjoy quilting as well as knitting. But I feel that my quilts are more easily give-able than a knitted gift. I did knit Christmas ornaments this year as gifts. I am afraid of the response! I feel that some will think that I did just whip it up. Enjoy the holidays!

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