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December 07, 2012


Donna Boucher

You are adorable and have such great style. I mean. You look fabulous in your slippers!!!
Girlfriend is too cute in her Pom Pom hat!


Donna, my good friend said that they were "grandpa slippers."

I, for one, think they are quite chic, what with my Old Navy "lounge pants" and all...


Girlfriend would look adorable wearing a paper bag but that pompom hat adds a lot to her adorability. It would seem that she would be just about through with all her teeth loss so your pocketbook can now recover. Also, I have 10 skeins of Remix in my stash waiting to be knit into a jacket-like cardigan and am thrilled at your review of it. You are also making me rethink my cardigan plans. Too bad I don't live near enough for that raglan class. It looks like just my style!


My Squid used to pull out her loose teeth too. I was too squeamish to pull them when they were bugging her, and Dad was at work. Those kids know how to adapt! In our house as the kids got older, they knew that if the tooth fairy missed them, that's because the millions of little kids who have lost their first or second teeth are first in line. The tooth fairy eventually gets to them after she has taken care of the kindergarten and first graders first.

I'd love to take a top down raglan class from you! Please let me know if you plan on teaching any more in the So Cal area.


I only got $1! And I don't remember ever asking anyone else to pull a tooth out of my mouth, but I do remember hitting the Milk Duds whenever I really wanted one to just get out.


Wow you are a generous tooth fairy. We give $1. My son (4th grade) still has the big ones to go. He won't pull them, in fact he let's them dangle and dangle. It's gross. He lost a couple that he thinks he ate. I remember one coming home from school in a tiny plastic treasure chest. We wrote notes to the tooth fairy about the lost ones, she delivered.


Well I guess I need to find another adjective since the one that comes to mind is all used up: "adorable!" Your Girl is awesome, not to mention the Hat. (I always feel a little kinship with GF since we share a b'day.)
Just rediscovered your blog after a few years away, and she is growing up way too fast! Also, love Berroco, anything they do is usually great, so I will check out the Remix.

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My little brother is losing teeth like a third rate boxer at the moment. I think he only gets a dollar though :P


Good to hear that my house is not the only one with frequent tooth fairy visits lately DD lost and while her little brother has lost 3 in rapid fire one after the other - and yes one he pulled himself. I love the Pom-Pom hat on GF she is adorable.

I don't remember how I found your blog but I LOVE it.


What a cutie pie in the pom pom hat! Those great big eyes. It is interesting how our lives lead themselves when you do things you love like write a book/take photos. Love your sense of humor.

Nancy J

official color of your living room wall= ???
Honestly, can you believe I am asking? I am redoing my dining room and looking for the perfect wall color. You never know where inspiration might come from.


I just found a former knitting bag company featured in Vogue Knitting several years ago - they are selling leftover inventory of knitting bags for $12 per bag!!! They used to retail for $68! Talk about a great gift for a knitter or needlepointer!


Nancy J: It's Ralph Lauren Suede in a color that looks like poop. It has sand in it. I have no idea if they make it anymore, but I got it at Home Depot and I will rue the day that I have to paint over it. I love it.


Wow, she really looks like you in that first shot. All those teeth out at once?!? Glad it's not traumatic for her. (I - to this day - have recurring nightmares about my teeth shattering and falling out simultaneously.)

Seanna Lea

Dang! That is a lot of teeth. I don't have any recollection of how quickly mine came out when I was a kid, so it just feels fast (though I also don't remember getting money for them, so it was probably a quarter or less).


The tooth fairy has to account for inflation, and I'm pretty confident I won't be able to afford the tooth fairy by the time I have kids. The Easter bunny will just pull double duty to make up for it.


I love your photos!! Who needs a professional photographer to take gappy tooth smile and mirror reflection photos? :)

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