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December 20, 2012


Renee Anne

I've had to re-think hats and all accessories since we moved to California this past summer. We're originally from Wisconsin so hats needed to be warm and functional and, above all, warm warm warm. Same goes for scarves and mittens and cowls. It's very odd to see people with hats on that aren't there for warmth necessarily. I've still made plenty of winter hats this year...but most of them weren't for me. ::sigh::


I'm having this problem right now, with a colorwork hat. I am so, so bad at math.


So cute! I've had visions of honeycombs dancing in my head lately.

Seanna Lea

This looks gorgeous.

I'm with you on wanting the design to go all the way up rather than abruptly ending when the decreases start.


That hat would match the Newfoundland Mitten pattern! Same slip stitch design. :) It's fun to knit, and easy. I'll be watching for the pattern for this! It would be great in our Canadian winter weather, with a hood pulled up over it in very windy or wet times. Great hat! :) sammatravelry


So far it's scrumptious.




since the world didn't end yesterday....

I'm looking forward to seeing the end result..

good morning...


Decrease every other round in the gray bits, 6 or maybe 8 per round. When it gets small enough, decrease faster, either 12 per round or 6 on every round, including the orange.


Nice design! Looking forward to following your work both here and on twitter!
Best regards,


I was watching an entertainment show today. It was amazing that all these actresses run around wearing bulky knit hats. ? One was in Malibu. Bulky hat and scarf tied around her neck. It can't be that cold out there could it? BTW, I got Custom Knits for Christmas!!


Well, it is very pretty and I'm excited to see what it becomes. As a life-long North Easterner, it looks snow-worthy!


Wanted to stop and wish you a Happy New Year and tell you I really enjoy your books.


I'm several days behind here but I'm dying to know how this turned out...

Cynthia Kemp-Reynolds

This looks really interesting! I live in Canada, so WE WEAR HATS ALL THE TIME - especially now, obviously !!
I enjoy mixing up stitches and stitch patterns in every item I knit.
Anxious to see what the hat looks like when you are finished. Great idea.

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