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October 17, 2012


Hommes Air Max Tn

Daim noir et cuir nouvelle orchidée mélange bien avec la maille blanche pour donner celui-ci un attrait certain. Ceux-ci sont disponibles dès maintenant chez les Andre Emmett détaillants sélectionnés, y compris Nicekicks.


Hi Wendy -- You are funny as ever -- please don't mess with Bob! xxoo dris


Your story made me smile for the First Time today, Thanks!


That is a crazy story and a beautiful swatch.

I had a fish tank as a kid. The crab disappeared one day. We found him weeks later, downstairs, behind the stereo.

Princess Di

The drama continues! Love!


Poltergeist? If so I'd start worrying where Bob is going to turn up...

Cambria Washington

Wow... You guys just can't win with that fish tank, lol. Might be time to get a box turtle.


no fair mentioning 90 degree weather, we are hitting the 60's today. DAMN East Coast living! At least the leaves are getting really beautiful.


I wonder if anyone has ever set up a nanny cam for a fish tank...


gorgeous little chevron swatch


I only ever had mice that routinely got out of their cage. You would not believe the tiny spaces they can get into.

What are you feeding these aquatic creatures, anyway? Maybe cut out the energy bars...


Truly you have a Tank of Doom...


Maybe you should try knitting a fish tank population.... Just saying.


They get live blood worms and some other stuff. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.


you have a cat don't you? That might explain the shrimp in the wineglass - although there would probably be more evidence if that were tuly the case. Creepy!


i do love it , very nice, thanks for share

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