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September 30, 2012



It probably a sign of my advanced age, but who is he?


Sorry, but who is that person?


Steve Sanders!

Princess Di

I throw. There I said it. I would love to switch to "picking" b/c it's faster. I have watched my friends fascinated by the picking. I. have. tried. It's a lot of pressure for something that's supposed to be relaxing to me. So I could be a thrower for life.

Barb T.

I think the old saying 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' certainly applies here; I'm a thrower. I was taught this way and will die this way.

Cambria Washington


Mary K. in Rockport

But who's Steve Sanders?


Hello! Beverly Hills 90210!!!


I blanked too, and I am old enough to know who Steve Sanders is!
I am a thrower, who will always be a thrower no matter how much I want to pick.


Seanna Lea

I knit one way for everyday stuff and another way for fairisle, but it took a fairisle class to even try picking. I understand about the attack of life. I'm going through one now and it might (if I don't rip out all of my hair first) make me a better person.


I'm a thrower who will probably learn to pick at some time, but maybe not.
Headed out to Newport Beach (from Florida!) this weekend for a skimboard contest at Balboa pier. Come check it out - I'll be the one knitting on the beach all day Saturday and Sunday :)


I am a faster thrower than picker, which I also learned to do fair isle, and I might have changed over and practised up, but I hate purling by this method, whereas I can purl by throwing as fast as I can knit, and I knit reasonably fast. So---I guess I'll stay a thrower.


I don't recognize him, don't know who Steve Sanders is, didn't ever watch BH 90210. As for knitting - I'm a self-taught thrower & for a brief time several years ago my friend persuaded me to try picking, but it just didn't take. So I throw...

PS Living in So Cal, you must see celebs all the time!


You mean Ian Ziering aka as Steve Sanders?


I love that you said kinnear! Was it the Yarn Harlot who gets credit for "creating" that word?


Not sure about Yarn Harlot, but I think I remember her talking about Kinnearing so maybe.

Yes, Ian Z. That's Steve Sanders, and yes, we're surrounded by celebs, but I'm 90210 obsessed so I couldn't help but notice.


I am 90210-obsessed as well! I'm so happy to share that with you, Wendy! Excellent job on the kinnearage.
p.s. Dylan or Brandon?


Yarn Harlot indeed: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/archives/2008/10/03/it_is_too_a_real_word.html


Even when your a pro at something you make mistakes. It's not a big deal just teach them how to knit the right way. Were glad your back we missed hearing from you.


I too was a thrower but taught myself to continental knit/pick by knitting a garter scarf for practice. I used larger needles and yarn and by the time I was finished with that hank of yarn I had converted myself. I find it to be much faster for me because of the economy of motion. Sometimes I revert back to throwing if the pattern necessitates it or if I get a cramp in my hand - plus I have arthritis.


Wow. He has aged so well I barely recognized him. How is it that some people get so much more good looking when they get older?


I'm definitely a Dylan girl.

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