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July 07, 2012



I'm going to have to go with Girlfriend on this one. Elmo's not a muppet ;)


I just googled it and the answers go both ways!

Cambria Washington

I completely understand this feeling. The one night that my 6-year old spent at his grandparents house was really odd and upsetting for me, even though I think about selling him to gypsies every single day ;)


LOVE Girlfriend's photo!!!!!!!! Made me laugh like a maniac!


Lucky Girlfriend, to get to go adventuring so young with her dad. My nearly 34 year old still uses part of her vacation time to get on the back of a motorcycle with her dad in odd part of the globe. I hope when Gf is 34 she and her dad can still have fun together!


elmo is so a muppet...


Roy Orbison rocks!!! Elmo is a muppet. Love the fact that GF and Dad are on an adventure.


Elmo is a 3½ year old[1] furry red Muppet monster with an orange nose. The first sentence from http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Elmo.

I think I would take that as a valid source on this topic. Yes, indeedy.


What does Wikipedia know? The sesame street website pictures Elmo on the Muppets tab along with everyone else.,,although in GF's defense I think there was more differentiation between Muppet and non-Muppet characters in the early days.


Just found your site through Hugs for your Head, Love your designs!


I too have been corrected by my kids, Elmo is not a muppet.

Anyway, I know what you feeling. My daughter has been traveling every year with my Mother. She has been gone for up to six weeks. That was the year I made a mistake when I made the reservations. LOL!


Love the photo. I used to hand over my camera to my son on every vacation, mostly to keep him interested. I found the best vacation pictures were the ones he took of objects and people that as adults we overlook.


Twisted German cast on is my favorite!

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