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July 10, 2012



I would love to learn some more cast on methods. I usually use the long tail cast on but have only used the cable and backward loop cast ons in the middle of a pattern. I know there are a lot more and they sound intimidating!

Wanda McClain

My cast on and bind off skills are pretty limited. Only use long tail and have, when required, used provisional. I have only used the basic bind off. This book would be a great resource for me.

Anne Marie

I like a cable cast on so I don't end up with a tail too long or not enough yarn and have to begin again. Recently discovered the super stretchy bind off which is cool.

Colleen Conlan

Most of the time I use a plain old vanilla long tail cast on. It's easy, and it makes a nice edge. But if I have to cast on lots of stitches, I'll go with the backward loop. It's not as sturdy, but there are no worries that I'll run out of "tail yarn." So yes, I'd love to expand my casting on horizons :)


I love the cable cast-on - so simple yet effective.


I almost exclusively use long-tail cast-on; it's my favourite. I've been trying to branch out lately, though.


I usually use cable cast-on if I'll be joining something in the round (I like the way it looks on the right side) or long-tail if I need something with more stretch. And I've used a stretchy bind-off once, but I would have to look it up to use it again. The only one I know how to do without instructions is the basic bind-off.


Long tail cast on 90% of the time. I've been using Jeny's Suprisingly Stretchy CO for socks recently tho, sooo glad I learned it!


I use the long-tail cast-on most of the time. I've never learned anything else. I knit amigurumi, so I've learned quite a few different ways to bind off, though.


I've been ogling this book - thanks so much for hosting a giveaway! As for my favorite cast-on, I'd have to say Judy's Magic Cast-on - I do a lot of toe-up socks, and I just find it fun to do.


My mom taught me to cast on with backwards loop too. For the longest time I thought it was something she made up, or that didn't have a name, because I never saw it described in any knitting books or magazines.

If a pattern calls for another cast-on, I'll look it up and do it, but if the pattern isn't specific? Oh yeah, backward loop. It's a perfectly good cast-on for a lot of projects. I don't understand why people feel they have to be rude about other people's techniques.

Cynthia Eggers

Cable cast on for me too. It's super easy and I never have too much, or too little, yarn at the end. Besides, it's what Mom taught me and it's worked well for me all these years.


I use long tail- does that make me boring? When I teach someone to knit, though, I usually teach the cable cast-on.

Jennifer S

I use the longtail for most things but I always seem to have to ktbl the first row, because I guess I'm doing it wrong. I love the cover of this book because it looks like endless possibility to me, and I would love to learn something new.

Julie N.

What a great resource for my library! I generally use the backwards loop cast on, but I change it up with the long tail depending on the project. I agree, when you knit for pleasure, it shouldn't matter.


I am in the same boat I guess, I always do the same thing just because its what I know. I love the idea of this book and would love to expand my skills by adding it to my library. Thanks for the great review!


Long tail cast on has been the way to go for me for years now. I don't even know the name of how I bind off. Never been able to get another bind off method to work particularly well. See how badly I need this book :)


I love using the long tail cast on. The book sounds great.

Robin P.

Long tail cast on 95% of the time.

Brenda Jones

It definitely looks like this is going to be added to my growing collection of knitting books. I have tried several methods, but use long tail cast on except when something else is called for -- then I go to YouTube for a quick tutorial.


I learned using the knitted cast on, but was encouraged by my knitting buddies to learn the long tail cast on. It took me forever to figure it out! It is my go-to cast on for most projects, but I love trying to wrap my head around different techniques. This book seems like a great resource for trying new things!

stephanie tipton

My go-to cast on is long-tail, but I'd love to have an easy to use resource like this to find other cast ons!


I use the long-tail cast-on, but have recently fallen in love with the version (it may have another name) where you cast on from both ends of the skein at the same time so that you are guaranteed not to run out of yarn. Essential for projects with lots of stitches to cast on!
I've heard great things about this book.


I too used backward loop for years when I picked up knitting again in my early twenties (no access to the internet - how did we survive). My favourite cast on for everyday things is long tail, although I do like the magical disappearing circular cast off for the top of hats (and Ysolda's Elijah elephant). For cast offs it's just one stitch over the other!


Cable cast on is my favourite one like Anne Marie because I don't end up with a tail too long or not enough yarn and have to begin again. But I'm interesting in learning new ones. Thanks for the give away.

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