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July 24, 2012


sharon lee

my sister and i tried to raise crickets one summer-i don't remember why-until my mom opened the jars to see what they were... all 10 of them.
i guess she got her revenge when our cat left me one half of a mouse outside the bedroom door. being extremely nearsighted, i naturally found it with my bare feet on the way to the bathroom -- gah, dance around squealing.
socks are great! i pick out funky yarn and wear them when i teach, and knit on them when i give exams. i am an adjunct so i don't get an office, but i can carry socks in my backpack, which is my office.

zibeline knits

If you knit a cozy for the tank, none of the creatures would be able to get out. Just sayin'.


I, too, am conflicted about yarn bombing. I think it is a waste of time for me to knit that...but I do love seeing it. Makes me smile.

re travelling aquarium dwellers....eeeeuuuu!


Yarn bombing is a ridiculous waste of time! Cannot stand when someone who doesn't knit, learns that I knit and then asks if I knit/yarn bomb. Um, no.

Kathy at Knitting Off the Grid

I know just how you feel.... When our daughter was in grade school, she had an aquarium, too. One day we put all her fish and little eel in the bathroom sink while we cleaned out the tank. Darn if the eel didn't jump down that little overflow hole in the sink. I'm sure that it ended up in Long Beach!

Frizzy Knitter

Yikes. I'd probably just move out of my house if aquarium creatures were on the loose, so good for you! I once had a beta fish that liked to attempt to jump to his death every time I had the lid off to clean his tank, and that was bad enough.


Yarn bombing! Yes it makes knitting seem like something weird or silly? What's wrong with learning how to knit properly and knit nice things.


Does this mean you're still... tee hee... Waiting for Godot? I hope he makes an appearance...

I completely agree about yarn bombing! Waste of time, waste of yarn. And stockinette socks are all I knit. Socks are what I knit while I watch the kids play in the backyard or in the car while my husband drives. Plain stockinette socks are so perfectly portable, and wonderfully soothing and mindless!

Plain stockinette is underrated, IMHO.


Yes, waiting for Godot. Still haven't found him or a carcass. I'm even scouting the dog poop. Oy.


Old glassware.... It becomes a storage issue....and we don't talk about the yarn....

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