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July 24, 2012



I think that nothing I knit is appreciated as a good pair of socks. You can never go wrong there! Even my husband likes the socks I make him, and he's not much for hand knit anything.


Love it.....Wendy, I can never go wrong with your posts. :) For the record, I also think yarn bombing is a colossal waste of time. Kudos to you for saying it out loud.


Wait, is he dead in that picture?

My sister had a frog in her aquarium when she was a kid, it also got out and we never found it.

Sometimes I miss having an aquarium but they're more work and drama than I have time for.


I love this post! I have to say we had a small bala shark jump out of our tank and die on the dining room floor. I thought I read somewhere aquariums were relaxing- obviously written by someone who doesn't have one.

Windsor Grace

Can they walk? So weird. Knit bombing totally seems like a waste of time and I don't think I'd want to participate, but when I see it around town, it makes me smile.


To add to the yarn-bombing conversation: I think there is a place for it: In a museum.


Jumbo is dead in that picture. We found him way too late.


Ugh, I had those water frogs and they grossed. me. out. I specifically had those cellophane-y, see through nightmares and they were absolutely horrifying. I hated the way they skirted around the tank and then would just freeze somewhere, floating petrified, then take off again without notice. Good god I hated those things. You're honestly better off when they disappear. Thank Loretta; she did you a favor.


Ah yes, fish stories, that's what tanks are good for. We had a pair of kissing Gourami who both lept the tank flopped across the counter and landed in the dog dish where they made out in the kibble till I heard their noise. Even perfectly breaded in dog food they survived to kiss many a day .. rinsed and back in a lidded tank.

Luck to your hat gift-ee


Oh man, I once went to summer camp (it wasn't even the kind with cabins but a boarding school out in some california hills) where there had been an absolute frog population explosion. The frogs would crowd the sidewalks at night. Teenage girls stepping on frogs makes for lots of squealing, though the guys were actually just as bad but not so high pitched.

Seanna Lea

I have a pair of socks that are my emergency backup knitting for the day (in case I cannot pull out the deadline sweater). I love them because they are little works of color. Delicious, delicious color.


Aquariums are only really and truly relaxing when they're beautifully designed, well-kept, and belong to someone else.


6.--definitely, pretty much the only socks I knit.
7 & 8--I'll have to take your word for it. My people are ingrates.


we had a newt once (or my brother did) that ended up in the hallway, dead. the hallway that was DOWNSTAIRS from the aquarium. We think he got out of the aquarium, then the bedroom, into the bath across the hall and then used the pipes to get into the downstairs bath (one room over, one floor down) and then got out and made it to the hall. Because otherwise it was like 20 stairs? CREEPY!


Yes, this exactly describes my morning! We have a rosy barb that is terrorizing a catfish, so now I have to treat the poor catfish's injuries, separate the rosy barb some how . . . sometimes that aquarium feels like only a source of stress and guilt! Surprisingly, we haven't had any tank jumpers . . . yet. I would never describe it as "relaxing" but I also just can't live without that dang aquarium.

annie toy

That is VERY "interesting" indeed to find a shrimp on a bathroom floor. Maybe, from a kid's pocket??? many strange things have been found in a kid's pocket.. =P

I really enjoyed your commentary on socks and to NOT knit worsted...I'm learning to knit socks...and my ultimate goal is to knit with the "iddy-biddy" stuff =D

I have to ask...(off topic). But, do you have any knitted patterns thatn have a Maderin-type color. I was thinking how cute one of your vests would be with a collar of that type =). I LUV-LUV your patterns!!!



You got a lid on your tank? Shrimp can jump. I think we had to stick a weight on the lid for our turtle tank because things kept escaping.

My sister had a hamster (named Tootie) that could climb out of its cage (with a screen lid too), shimmy down a bookcase, and climb a flight of stairs. It always hid under my cousin Em's bed--I think Tootie liked terrorizing her. Tiny hamster thrills.


agreed on the yarn bombing...


I've tried knitting fancier socks, but the stockinette ones are best for me. :) Such socks are perfectly fine for wearing, and much more relaxing to knit. After a couple of pairs, I don't need a pattern either. Auto-pilot socks!!! Let the gorgeous yarns do the decorating! Love 'em.


Yarn bombing... waste of yarn! Socks, knitted them for every member of the family and only half were converted. Shrimp in the floor? That's quiet a mystery. Do those things launch themselves?


It gives me an inordinate little thrill to leave small crochet or knit covered stones as gifts to the universe in my travels. I hope the next person who sees it smiles. Waste of time? Perhaps.


Regarding the fleeing frog, you might want to check under/behind the refrigerator, near the water heater, etc ... Amphibian runaways often seek sources of warmth. Good luck!


My husband won't wear anything I knit him, except socks. He has about 10 pairs. It's getting so I have to think of creative ways to package socks for birthday and Christmas. This year they were hanging off a potted plant that "came knocking" at the front door.
Good luck w/ the tank. We had the same problem with our pond. Then we discovered the racoons. And a goldfish with a bite out of it on the roof of the carport. Racoons apparently don't like goldfish but they keep thinking they might. We don't have a pond anymore.


Aquarium escapees...Sis used to have a 20 Gal tank, and put one of the little crabs in it. The tank was lidded, but there were gaps where the air pump hose and other accessories entered. We had to put tinfoil over the gaps, and check all the time because the stupid crab would pick it off! And the cats LOVED it when that crab scuttled across the floor:"It smells like fish, but it's crawling like a spider?!?" --Absolute insanity. I don't know how that thing lived as long as it did.


I am so relieved to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks yarn bombing is a waste of time! Every time I see/hear about it, I think "gee they could have made a decent sweater/hat/pr of socks in the amount of time they have in that". But I've never heard anyone say anything negative about it! Thank you!!

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