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July 16, 2012


Cambria Washington

My oldest son, who is now 15 still has not admitted out loud that there is no Santa, although we both know that he knows. He smartly decided one year that it was in his best interest to believe, because Santa doesn't have the excuse of being broke, lol. Smart smart boy.


I know exactly how you would be.


@ Donna. : )


I love that someone thought you would/should be less serious. Granted, you are a pretty laid-back, natural writer, so I can understand the assumption, but don't people know how much easier it is to sit and type yourself out from behind a computer? It's so much harder in person... at least for me.


Ha, I was reading, and thought "did they think you were Crazy Aunt Purl or something?", scrolled down... yup.

My cousin's son is 13, and she can't tell whether he still believes in Father Christmas or not, and is just keeping it up for the sake of the younger children (he's 13, it's definitely the latter).

Seanna Lea

I think Cambria's son is brilliant. I don't think my parents would have automatically skimped if we had decided there was no Santa Claus earlier on, but for many kids that is not a chance to take (because hey, presents are fun!).


LOL! I LOVE IT! My 9 year old is starting to be skeptical about Santa Claus and Easter Bunny. He said, I will believe in anything that brings me goodies!


The perspective on the leftover yarn photo made me think for a moment that you had an awesome woven rattan rug. I'm kinda slow sometimes.


I don't like to do gauge....I pay for it later...
I do however go forward...
and always tell myself "You Are Fabulous"

because...well,,,nobody else does...

I have a fan club of one - me:-)

I plug ahead anyway...in So. Cal. I don't use much of what I knit and mail it off to distant relatives who are so cold they'll wear anything..even handknits off gauge:-)

maineknitter1975 :)

Hi there, Just signed up for the group on Ravelry. I usually read the blog through a feed reader, and was pleasantly surprised to see the pretty colors and layout of your blog.

Also, presents are presents! My niece is 10 and Santa still exists at my parent's home, and not only just for her. ;)


So throw a cocktail party. I think some of us would show up...


My daughter is 22 and I still do Santa with her. Now OBVIOUSLY she doesn't think a fat guy comes down the chimney but a. I get Santa presents which means I get at least 1 really awesome gift and b. it is a BLAST to find new and different ways to get Santa gifts delivered without her knowing how they got there - and she has NEVER caught "Santa". C. it is usually the ONLY gift she gets (from me)that is store bought - she puts in her orders all year for handmade stuff so Santa's gift is always unexpected.


I picture you with a sort of Valley Girl all grown up kind of accent with a slight Southern charm, not full blown Southern Belle. Good luck with the to-do list, I am ready to just clear the house and start from scratch.


Ha, Jomamma. I am told I have what they call an "Ohio Valley Accent." Which means to say, that I speak with no accent. Unless, of course, I'm conversing with someone from Canada or Minnesota or from Texas. Then the accent gets going!

annie toy

I have to say....your blog...just brings a BIG gynormous smile to my face!!...even some LOL is accompanied with the reading. I read about your flight to Ohio and several other posts and the comments were closed. But, as I walk on my treadmil (my trusty tredz) this morning...you've brought some cheer...and "tonic" to my day!! thanks for taking the time to so enjoyably share your life's tidbits. =)



I think you are totally glamorous!

And I get the kid thing. Mine drive me absolutely insane (one of the girls just started the "Why? Why? Why?") and I can't wait for bedtime, etc, and then I wish they were still up so we could play.

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