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June 27, 2012



I own The Salty Sheep Yarn Shop in Swansboro, NC and I was so excited to see you at the show. Unfortunately I missed out on your book signing but I wanted you to know I think your books are great. All are great sellers in my shop. And you're even prettier in person!

Renee Anne

I'll have to keep some of this in mind when I fly from Wisconsin to my new home of Alameda, CA in a couple weeks (with my son in tow).

Ellen Mason

No good deed goes unpunished. I hope you weren't starving after giving away all your food!


Fiction? Really? The thought makes me smile. And I needed one after reading the description of your flights. Flying ain't what it used to be.


You are so funny,I love reading your posts.
I was stuck sitting next to a man reading fifty shades at a womens gymnastics meet over the weekend it was beyond.... well there are no words.


Good post and welcome to my website: http://www.joyfax.com


Wendy - I live in Columbus and hope you enjoyed your visit and found something besides the ComFest?

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