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June 12, 2012


Renee Anne

Yes, please write that pattern. I need a new hat :)

Cambria Washington

Lol!! I love that. I just loved the progression of do-it-yourself photos, and I'm going to use that phrase from now on..."victim of really good self esteem". lol.


My new favorite....victim of really good self esteem. Ha!

susan johnson

love the color. very cute.


I second the "yes, please on the pattern", and I appreciate my morning laugh at ... victim of really good self esteem - you brighten my day.


I missed the part about why your neighbour is afraid of you. Great hat!


Cindy, my neighbor is afraid of me because she watches my every move and must think I'm nuts.


Hilarious. HWWV's photos are lovely, but this was highly entertaining.

donna lee

I always admire those people who can photograph themselves and look good doing it. I can't manage it. I never seem to get myself in the photo.


I so love reading your posts. They almost always put a smile on my face. Or maybe I'm just a fan of pajamas...


OOOOOHHHHH ... I am fairly new to knitting but am oh so addicted. I received 'Custom Knits' as a gift and I ADORE EVERYTHING. So refreshing to find that in a book. As a result, I found your blog and OOOHHHH I adore you even more!!!!!


Cute hat! I love the herringbone pattern. And what a great color too!


A really cool hat. Love the herringbone.

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