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May 21, 2012



I love the orange yarn.. I would wear it in a heart beat... orange and purple are my favs.


I went & looked at the Nautilace colors...you are so evil to point me at those! I want elebenty hunnerd, in every colorway. Too freakin' pretty!


That orange is gorgeous

Katrina West

I have a suggestion for a saying on the hat: in direct opposition to Nike's "Just do it", how about: "I hate this"? :-)

Seanna Lea

As a gym rat who doesn't wear knitted hats in the gym, I would want a hat that says something like One More Rep or Feel the Burn.


I'd go with Yoda...sort of a kinder, gentler version of the typical trainer's "ONE MORE, YOU ^%$&^#%"...or, what about "There's no crying in Pilates!"


Ooh, SUPER jealous of the Cephalopod yarn! I haven't been able to justify the price yet, but I'm sure someday my willpower will break.


Mmm orange yarn from Cephalopod - looks delicious. I have no witty suggestions for the message in the hat, but I have been meaning to comment and tell you that your balls (heh heh - my inner teenage boy) inspired me to try Temari and to get my mom to try it too. It didn't stick with mom, but I love it. Mine are not as precise as they ought to be, but it's fun nonetheless. I just turn them so the "best" side faces up.


"Lay back and think of England" made me LMAO! I can't top that.

Cynthia K-R in Canada

you could always write:
Wish it; dream it; do it!!!

the yarn is totally lovely.

Leslie Hodges

I love the colors on your ball. Mine looks to plain and boring compared to yours. :)

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