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May 31, 2012


mbt prix

Ich mochte Ihr Blog. Es ist leicht zu lesen, ist der Inhalt gut, und du bist ein Kultautor Gegensatz zu den meisten Blogs, die ich bei der Suche zu diesem Thema bin. Ich werde noch einmal überprüfen und in der Zukunft sehen, wenn Sie mehrere Elemente haben. Vielen Dank für dieses Posting, ich schätze die Informationen und die Mühe, die Sie in die Stelle zu setzen.

Princess Di

You simply MUST keep the yarn. After all, tangerine tango is the color of the year.


This is a really helpful review - the book sounds wonderful, and I've been on the fence about purchasing it.

Kathode Ray Tube

I think the term is historic homes, not historical homes.

Judi A.

One option for the yarn is to send it to me. :-) The color is gorgeous.


I live in historic home in Long Beach too. Mine is California Bungalow.


My house is just "california old"
you're funny Wendy...I'd bet you have fun friends.
knit the orange hat, I want to see how it turns out


That is a fabulous color you should keep it and there are way to many possibilites cap, lacy baktus, socks, cowl. I know that you will think of something great.


Thanks for reviewing this book! It looks great! And now my curiosity is needing to go look up California Bungalows and Spanish Revival homes! And, of course, Hoosier Cabinets..... :)

Tamara Lin

Chuck <3


I can attest to how terrific this book is. I pre-ordered it, and am delighted to have the digital version while I wait for the print version to come out. There are so many beautiful patterns, and the theme is great. I love, love, love the photography, too.

Maureen J

You don't have enough yarn for this, but I'd love a pattern along the lines of Jordan (a beautiful design), but with sleeves that cover the older upper arm. I can't see how Jordan's sleeves could be lengthened and still look good or I'd try it.


Keep that yarn for yourself! I'm feeling evil today. (Also thinking how my gift recipients sometimes react.)And thanks for the heads-up on the book.

Kathy S

Make a cap for yourself as a "prototype" for the teacher's one, then choose a color more in keeping with the teacher's taste for that one. (as in, a color you won't want to glom onto and never let go!)


My folks have hoosier cabinets. They're about 6 foot tall and 4.5 foot wide. There is a metal counter space over the bottom half, three drawers on the right and a big door underneath, and the top half is half as deep as the bottom. There is an opening for the right 2/3 and a cabinet door for the left, then above that three doors for the cabinet space above, which often has a shelf in it. In my sister-in-law's hoosier, she has the metal bins for flour, sugar, and coffee built into the open space.

Oakley frogskins

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I am so glad your dog (the big one!) is back... I can't remember his name, it seems so long since we've seen him there, lingering in the background... I love those photos!!


Great post as always! By the way a Hoosier cabinet is what people used to use as a fridge before they had electricity. As described in an earlier post (very well) it has many different spaces to keep things. You could also put a block of ice in it to keep things cooler. It was usually kept out on the porch for food storage.
I have and antique one at home that I have converted into a TV / book case.

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