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May 28, 2012


Chelsea the Yarngeek

They look great! (Pretty sure that color is #7533 "Bark" and is discontinued.)


Can I have a pair?


My husband is 6' 7", and has UK size 13 feet...I sort of wish I never made him the first pair, as he's now addicted to knitted socks (and won't learn to knit either!)


my husband is the same way...he has us 13 wides...yes I said wides...and I have to special mathy figure things out to accomidate the shaping....*sigh* every christmas....at least he's knitworthy right?


just finished a pair of socks for my husbands size 11. He wears his socks until they are filled with holes. Last year I thought I would make a pair for a friend who was helping me with photography. I found a wonderful hand dyed wool from a local vendor at my farmer's market... after making pair after pair of socks, I just couldn't do it. For months I tried, today the yarn is a hat I throw on in the morning for walks. best.laid.plans....

Cambria Washington

I have a husband, a son, and a father-in-law with size 12 feet...and they all want socks. Let's just say that their socks from Christmas 2011 are still on the needles, lol. And in the interest of full disclosure, I plan to direct them to this post if the complain about how late their socks are ;)


Fabulous and thank God my size 11 husband has no interest!


When you're wearing those pajamas in the daytime will you listen to t.s. Elliott?? Crash text dummies ....fav. great socks.

I have a coat on my needles that will take at least that long!


You are a good, good friend. I think every handknit gift should come with a tag that tells how many hours it took to create. I hope Mark knows how much you much like him to be willing to do this!




Shibui Sock, lovely stuff! I made some hats for a coworker's grandbaby, from some pastel Shibui Sock -- and I've saved every scrap that was left! I also used it to demonstrate to DH the difference between "cheap" fingering yarn & the Good Stuff. He was amazed there was such a difference. And Shibui isn't even that much more expensive--c'mon, it ain't cashmere!


Great thing. Hand made stuff always more valuable than machine made. Thanks for sharing your nice experience.


Hoosier's a SO cool! Some of the nicer ones are like a little baking station with specific bins for spices, sugar and flower. They definitely evoke a time gone by with their detail to workmanship. There's no wonder that some of the more pristine sell for thousands of dollars. You just have to have a really BIG kitchen to house one.

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These sound like my son's Kilt socks. Need to have the second one done by the time he leaves for Denmark on June 16!!! First one took over a year, Yikes

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