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May 02, 2012



i just got my PoK in the mail today. It. is. huge.

Cambria Washington

I can't even say how much I laughed at the Uncle Rico reference, lol. And I'll admit that his sweet van did appeal to me for a minute too ;)


uncle Rico....sweeeet. (in my best Napolean Dynomite voice):)


Wait! I have a van - with a sofa - and a sink - c'mon up to Oregon (and bring Girlfriend) - I'll even show her how I put water in for the sink (and toilet and shower).........AND - I have a falling down fence too!!

donna lee

We are a wondering family. We spend a lot of time saying, I wonder why/how/if and then looking it up. Curiosity is what makes you so good at what you do. I wonder where it will take Girlfriend.


I was in KY (instead of home on Kauai) for my birthday. Just me and my 14 yr old. No ocean in sight...but there was a delightful bookstore. Birthday perfection reached when I saw in their (small)knitting section PoK! My birthday gift to myself. LOVE it!
BTW...Love your blog, too!


our family had Uncle Rico's van before he did! and my mom had to use it for carpool sometimes - during the 80s, not the 70s when it was cool to have an orange van and not the 90s when it became vintage and cool - but during the 80s when everything was neon and shiny. ha. it was horrid! and we sold it when i was in high school and the next time we saw it was in napoleon dynamite... it just might be our family's van... we never saw another one like it. we did see a dark red one once and a yellow one... but never the orange and brown. so if she finds it - let me know!

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