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April 12, 2012



this is so. true.


I frogged an entire sweater last weekend. I was just about to sew it together when I decided to just pin it and try it on first. According to Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton I'm a 38 bust! For the past 37 years Victoria Secret and I thought I was a 34. Hey I'll have a place to carry my knitting!


Looks great on the form though... I recently "invested" in Try It on Tubing (using the quotes cuz it's NOT expensive at all, and the customer service is amazing!) BEST tool ever for trying on as you go. Slip it on the end of your needle, try on, your stitches don't fall off, pull it off and you're right back to work. Awesome!


The dress form doesn't have that relaxed ab look!


It really looks nice on the form! I wish I could have taken the class. Actually, I hope you'll make this design up into a pattern for sale - I really like it.


Hmmm...... I really like the looks of that sweater. Pattern Please!


What a cute sweater! Love it!


Would love a tutorial - have never knitted top down and this looks like a great project to learn a new technique!


I always forget my extra relaxed tummy until I try to button the sweater. Damn.

Seanna Lea

Thank you for this. I am not great about measuring myself (I do it for sweaters, but it is hard to take perfect measurements), so quite a number of my sweaters look better on an imaginary body rather than mine.


I love cascade eco yarn - great for trying patterns and experimenting before going to some really expensive yarn.

Susan H

Love it! Please make a pattern for us! Thanks. :)

Marie Roche

The pattern is super. Would you consider an on line class sometime?




I guess I'd have to figure out how to conduct one online!

Kathy S

That sweater looks nice without sleeves. It would be cute layered over a long sleeved t-shirt, then you could change whatever color you put under it depending on how you felt that day. Or when it's warmer, worn with nothing underneath.


It looks beautiful. . . I especially like the neckline.

Women's sizing. . . what a joke! lol




just wait until you are hit by the 50s. Suddenly everything shifts down to your waist...(at least it did with me!) My ducktape body form seemed to gain the weight in her stomach area also. I guess a few months in the closet, the tape loosened up. It must be a sign!


I have a cardigan which I started a few years ago...and have finished up to the part where I have to make the button bands and stitch everything together. I made it out of doubled Cascade to meet a certain gauge and there is a twist going on. I haven't blocked any of the pieces. I am SO planning on this cardi to fit me anyway...and since I keep the heat down here in Seattle, WA., it will be a good house cardi. It's a sweater in progress that I hope I CAN wear!

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