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February 13, 2012


emi love

those balls would make such lovely Christmas tree ornaments. Sounds like you girls had loads of fun too :)

erin kate

So pretty! (& you're funny. :) )


Those are some beautiful balls! (tee hee)

Meredith MC

I love your ball. Tee Hee
I just checked out "55 Christmas Balls to Knit" from the library. There's actually some serious colorwork in there but the cover cracks me up. Do you think Arne and Carlos, (the authors) being from Scandinavia, have any idea how that sounds to an American? I, naturally, am imagining little 'ball' cozies knit in christmas colors. I know, right?


Nice balls.


Funny thing about that book, 55 Christmas Balls...my editor told me that it is a best seller! We surmised it was because of the kitsch factor. It's really a funny book.

Seanna Lea

I have a temari book, but I haven't actually made one yet (I've had the book for a few years now). It's good to know that it isn't hard. The balls generally aren't.

Angie Fitzpatrick

I so need to start a temari circle! I may be a 42-year old woman, but I'm a 12-year old boy at heart! I loved reading your post, covering my mouth with my hand and giggling devilishly. I believe it was also you that posted the "Merry Christmas from the Balls" story, following which, I went home and declared to my family that we are changing our name to "Ball" b/c I too want to send out a holiday card from the Balls! Thank you! Exactly what I needed this morning.


I have to get me some balls. Boy it really works there was a smile. Very nice work and sounds like bunches of fun.

Patti Croke

Where are you doing these? I still want to learn?

Patti Croke


Still need to attempt this, someday!

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