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February 28, 2012



Now that's a pithy review! Good job girlfriend :)

Little Red

I'm convinced! Going to get this book now!

Girlfriend's Corner must become a regular feature! :)


Love the review

Princess Di



Thanks for the review Girlfriend. Now I want this book even more! :)


I love this! Good job girlfriend!!

I hear an echo of you wendy, in her words. She is beautiful.


Love the reveiew! I agree with Little Red, we need more reviews from Girlfriend!

Brenda Jones

Great start for a future in writing! Loved every word.


excellent review. :-)


I'm so glad you liked it. I just sent it to my Niece for her birthday. It's honest reviews such as yours that help me decide the best way to spend my money. (and I agree--it's a very nice book)

Michelle B

Great review!!! I'm planning on buying my niece this book for her b-day so it's great to get a kiddos review!


This made me happy - thanks girlfriend


"My mom loves yarn and sweaters." :D

Kathy at Knitting Off the Grid

Well done Girlfriend! I see a new book in the future with two names on it!


Yay, for both of you: Mom for allowing her first Guest post, and Girlfriend for making the case for a book she likes. Brave acts, both of them, and heartwarming to boot.


Oh, love. Awesome Girl. Awesome Mom.


I like the review!


That's a very fine review, Girlfriend! I have read about this book but not what someone who read it actually thought about it. Your review makes me think that my granddaughter would like to read this. :) Thanks!


They *are* good things! Yay, Girlfriend!


Thank you Girlfriend for the great review. What a cutie!


Fantastic post and girlfriend needs to check out our local NW yarnbomber/artist Suzanne Tidwell who also looooves trees and thinks they should all wear sweaters ;)

I think they would be great friends!


This is so precious! What a great review. I am so getting this book for my two girls.

Marjorie McLaren

Nice review, Girlfriend! Based on your review, I plan to buy the book for my niece and grandkids. Well done!


We just read this for the first time yesterday. Everyone loved it. They gasped and laughed in all the right spots.


Super awesome review! I'm buying it:)

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