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January 09, 2012


Kathy at Knitting Off the Grid

"The Three Day Sweater" of course!


Hehe, owls. I'm 2/3 of the way through a Killing jumper for a client in 2 days, with sleeves too. The Danish Killing that is. The US remake had crappy jumpers. The Danish one was a cult hit here in the UK and there's been huge demand for the jumpers!


Polly Pullover?? I am hoping to knit that one up in 3 days ;)


Sounds like the Owl sweater by Kate Davies to me... :)


Owls? I agree - it has to be the Owl sweater! I knit the Dude Sweater out of Cascade Eco = that sweater is Very Warm indeed and we have trouble finding time to wear it. It doesn't help that I made it six sizes too big (what gauge swatch?), and it comes down to my knees.


I know,
Speedy Tweedy !!!

i hope you used a tweed yarn...or else this might not work ;-)

Princess Di

Knitopause over and there you go!

Princess Di

Oh and yes. Owls.

Martha Johnson

How about the Triple-Ten?


Was just looking at "Owls" the other day for a young woman who goes to Bryn Mawr, and I thought, "I don't know her well enough to invest that kind of time just because her school mascot is an owl and I'm a knitter with January Startitis" But if I can knock it out in 3 days..... (but the key here is "no one interrupted me" - what are the chances of that happening?)


Did you knit Owlet??


oh how I love that sweater! I knit one myself, in Eco Wool, and was only .25 sts per inch off on my gauge... I think you know where this it going, lol. my size 38 became somewhere around a size 34 sausage casing.


The "Add water, instant sweater" sweater


How about abreviated for the shortened (time) investment?


how about "Trois Jolie" (a play on tres jolie=very pretty)

Katie s

Owls by Kate Davies. Obviously.


all those owl eyes? I'd have to call it
'You looking at me?'
'Owl love you forever'


Owls? Three days? "What a Hoot!"


The jo-anns near me is pretty depressing, too. I wonder if it is a chain-wide policy?


Kate Davies Owls in a short sleeve version! How cute! Really, only one skein of Cascade eco?

Deborah B.

How about 'Owliver'? That is what we call the male half of our nesting pair of barn owls. Ditto on Joanns here in N San Diego!

Sherry Coleman

Sounds to me like you should call it Triage... (three days, tri=tree, etc.)


Owls. I made that one and loved it, too. But also living in So Cal means that it's not coming out for wear this year. :p


I'm not sure of this or what it says about me, but the first thing that came to mind for me was Bender...



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