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January 27, 2012



Amen! I've ripped a few sweaters in my day too, and have been much happier for it :)


When the boys kept breaking the glasses, we broke into the stash of pint canning jars & now we use those. Genius.

Keep knittin', doll. You are an inspiration every single day-- in knitting and in life! :)


you are so right ! I knit and reknit if necessary ... the fact is, i knit, and my first purpose is just to knit, let the stitches slipped on my needles. And second i want a PERFECT result ... so let have come more fun and let's reknit !

PS : i use plastic glasses



I say this about knitting all the time! can't go too wrong, can't ever make a truly permanent mistake.


There's always the throwing across the room, you've ruined my life speech and the massive rip that follows! It's the acceptance of the rip that gets you....


Amen with a side of Hallelujah! We're going through the same kind of thing around here with houses, cars, and bodies breaking and in need of repair. So I am knitting (and re-knitting) away, and feeling quite pleased with myself for stocking up on yarn when times were good!


Thanks from someone who has just ripped out 2 separate projects in their entirety. I will have it my way or else!

Knitting is my past time. That's why I am always visiting your blogs to get some ideas. This sweater paired with a cap is another project that I can add in my collection.


I totally get the repuposing of yarns. I go to yars ales, church sales, and thrift stors looking for scarves and the like and I reknit them.


it certainly looks as if that cap improved with blocking. sometimes i wish that the ability to rip back or block were transferable to real life... p.s. is this a new design or can you point us in the direction of the pattern?


rip! rip!! rip!!!, that's what I do if there is the slightest "ehh" in a sweater...no regrets knitting for me!


It's just a top-down hat that I made up as I went.

Pamela Langford

I haven't repurposed yarn yet, but I've had it in the back of my mind. 2012 will be the year. Love your blog.

Seanna Lea

I keep wanting to get a sweater from Goodwill and do that to it. There are a ton of interesting sweater mods out there that sound like really wonderful ideas.

mary d

So true!


I double dare your guys to drink out of the bottle!!...we have the same issues with glasses dwindling away.

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