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January 13, 2012



Bet she (Girlfriend) just loved that. Love the short sleeves on Owls. Way to go for California.


Fabulous! Love the own sweater on you. I can see why you wore it. I agree with only the one set of eyes. That would be plenty for me too.

Too bad about Loretta and Girlfriend's bed. lol


It looks great! I have yet to knit an Owl, so you're not the very last one...


love the sweater, but how are you not sweating to death in that thing? i'm in venice and the heat is making me cranky. stupid "winter"! ;)


It was about 80 today so we waited until dusk to take the picture. The sweater was immediately taken off after that!

Geri Inglis

To add length, you could cut the sweater a couple of rows just above the ribbing at the bottom, attach the ball of yarn to the top of the sweater and knit down until you are left with enough yarn to graft (Kitchener) the stocking stitch back onto the ribbing.

I have done this on a couple of projects and if you just snug up your grafting yarn, one would have trouble noticing the graft after blocking the sweater.

Beautiful sweater, BTW. Oh to have that figure again...


I have to declare, I haven't made that pattern yet either and I've got to do it because I think it is a cute pattern. I love the colour you knitted it in. Regards, Anita.


Don't feel bad. I haven't knit my Owls yet either. Though I will have to learn how to re-size (doesn't come in my size) so I don't mess up the placements of the owls, lol.

Looks wonderful.


Well, I used two skeins of eco wool...but that's because I'm 6' and I knit long sleeves (New England winters, and all). I'm ready to try again at the correct gauge ;)

Chantal Boucher

Wow 3 days...! Tendinitis? ha ha ha!!!! Great job!


oh, no! is Loretta sick? Nice sweater, too


No, not sick. She's just a tough nut to crack when it comes to potty training.


Love the sweater, looks good


Woohooo that looks great on you. I'm somewhat jealous you found time to knit someone else's pattern. I'm staring down the barrel of a deadline right now so I can't even think about other people's patterns.


You reminded me that I soo wanted to make this sweater long time ago, I started on it twice! It looks gorgeous on you and I love your color choice. I really need to make a sweater, any sweater for me this winter before winter is over.. How does the saying goes - a shoemaker without shoes! :D
Miss you, lady! Hope life is glamorous! <3


You know, I STILL haven't knitted up an Owls sweater, either! Yours is beautiful - I love the warm mustard color. I might do up one for a toddler in my life... just have to clear out some projects-in-progress first. :)


Yep. Add me to the list of people with this on their 'to-do' list. I loved the little owls when I saw this the first time and I still love them!


I, too, love that sweater but have yet to knit one. Maybe for a baby ... if anyone I know has another one!


Lol. Did you type that last sentence in your best news-anchor voice?

You're definitely not the last one to knit that sweater. I have the yarn for mine (Eco as well) and it's on my to knit list for this year.


Oddly enough, you and Susan B. Anderson seem to be in about the same place. Her most recent blog shows her "owls" being blocked. No mention of dog poop though!


In San Diego sweating while looking at this! You could have used a cotton yarn! And, ALL sweaters should be top down - that why I love your books!!

Judi A.

Did you see on Susan B Anderson's blog that she just finished her first, too?


i like it with just the one pair of eyes. good choice!


Got my eco wool and will make the short sleeve version for my 20 something daughter. I think she will do better by it than i would. Were you able to use the 10 needles? some say they dont like the fabric, but yours looks good to me; and I love the idea of just one skein.


I used size 9 for mine. The best bet is to do some swatching and decide for yourself.

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