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January 06, 2012



Or broke their arm a few years ago and forgot how to do a a certain caston that was once unforgettable! I haven't knit in FOREVER...and have many projects that are UFOs. Been going thru a house remodel and still need to arrange my bath and kitchen.


AND, all my yarn and needles are in the basement. I am seriously considering my own online yarn and supplies 'sale' sometime in the 'Spring' future. YEAH...once I get my living room set up, that might change!! I'm tired of having contractors in my house.


Or been abducted by aliens and had their memories replaced, giving UFOs a whole new meaning.


Allison, you slay me.


Or got an iPad and seriously can't get off it.


or were sleeping the entire time because they burned the midnight oil for weeks on end trying to meet book deadlines, and take care of a family, and finish their holiday knitting before the actual holiday...

Laurie Ann

or had all their knitting supplies stolen by Gnomes, who apparently returned them after their own holiday knitting was done.


This is outrageous! ;-)


Or maybe just took a break. It happens...


Sometimes the brain just farts and that little "poot!" interferes with the auto-pilot stuff. Like, sometimes I write my name but then I end up staring at it for a while because it just looks so wrong. Poot! I believe for a bit that I can't recognize my own name. Poot! I can barely remember that I just recently believed I didn't know my own name.

So if I were you, I'd chalk it up to the brain farting and not some aberrant break in knitting. Actually for all you know, thinking you haven't knit since early December is just another brain fart.

But I warn you that no one has ever thought this theory of mine was scientifically sound.


Or sometimes, shit* just happens.

*Where shit = life. I mean, not literally, but, you know.**

**Okay, I definitely shouldn't comment late at night.***

***That's not to say that I'm not like this all the time. No excuses.****

****Day or night, I (unfortunately?) still think I'm funny.


Or the dog ate my homework?

Brenda Jones

When I do not knit -- even for just a day -- I am a real bitch. I keep telling people that knitting is like meditation for me. Did it affect you in some similar way?


Hey, I was the subject of such a rumor in the school that I work at that I had to set the story strait. Kid's were hiding their pets for fear that I was going to skin them alive! One kid told his class that I skinned sheep to knit them into hats. I didn't even know this kid and how did he know that I knit?! I had to go to their classroom and do a demonstration. The first thing I did was ask them if they had ever had a hair cut. Most had, and we went from there explaining the sheering process. It's been about 3 months since a kid has asked me if I'd "killed any animals lately". I'd almost forgotten about that.


Or got busy with family and Christmas?


Welcome to my world. :/ I cast on for a sock the other day, cast it on twice to get the correct count. Then it was k2p2 ribbing. Yeah. Easy. I kept messing it up. Corrected it twice, and the third time I couldn't count to two I put the sock into timeout. Something is wrong with my bit of brain which counts?


I was at work the other day, and i swear the computer, file Gods were playing head games with me and then I wanted to order yarn because it was discontinued. Then I saw something on TV about retirement and how no one had enough to retire so buying the yarn went out of my head. I then proceeded to work on the nursing wrap for one of my co-workers and thought about rejiggering my stash so I wouldn't feel bad about not buying yarn.

My head hurts. I am spending the day playing in the stash.


Sometimes a person needs a change, a rest, a break - so your head & hands can do something different for a change. It's good for your brain.

Kathy S

Well, consider it like this. You WOULD have knit some in that timeframe if you had remembered to bring your yarn with you on vacation.


If I knit every time I thought about it, I'd have a house full of socks and nothing else. It's a good thing I don't think about knitting all the time.

May you recover from your injuries (and the holidays) soon.


If I get stuck in a Chilean coal mine, my friends know to drop black yarn down the hole!!


There have been days when I've knit a lot. There have been days, even weeks, when I have not knit a stitch. I don't know why.

Deb in PA


Has been spinning to practice for the PA Farm Show's Sheep to Shawl contest.

I haven't really stopped knitting, but it's definitely slowed way down.

Wish our team luck!

Princess Di

Or you're going thru knitopause.


or got hooked on Pinterest and suddenly realized they only thought they were crafting when in reality they were just spending hour upon hour reposting other peoples craftyness with a dream of being craft.

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