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January 26, 2012



windex on the nail polish/carpet should do the trick! hope that helps.


you are a goof ball check


We are talking an ENTIRE bottle of red!


At least you didn't drive your DH's car into the garage door. Did I do that this week? Check.

And now I'm sick.

I'd say we're winning this week.


I love the out-of-synch ETA


Oi! Disasters always come in multiples.... Hope things get better.

Julia in KW

welcome to my world! nice to have company! :)


that's par for the course around here, lol, but it's really nice to hear that someone else is having an equally crappy day (week...month?).

Molly (cobaltandindigo)

And bless you for sharing that all with us. I'm glad to know my life isn't the only one full of um... challenges. It can be all too easy to picture everyone else's lives as perfect, ya know?


Sounds much too familiar...


Makes me feel a little better that I just discovered our bathroom water is brown.

Princess Di

Melt down at work today! CHECK! Check, check, and double check. And I will raise you a check!!!


My garage door is broken too! As is my car, which needs two new catalytic converters. I feel your pain!


When it rains, it pours!

Lisa Martin

Damn, girl! Go get yourself a massage! : )


That sh*t will block right out......

Heather Lindon

Nail polish remover blotted with white rags. Seriously, my roommate spilled hot pink on our white wool carpet and it came out, you just have to blot the hell out of it.


It's a glamorous life, no?


The important thing to remember here is that you have food on the table, a warm place to live and are all in good health. The rest doesn't matter at all.


Oh my GOD, NOT the COFFEEMAKER!!!!!!!!!!!


Priority Number 1 - New Coffee maker.


Skip the coffee maker, just make instant coffee. I do with ice every morning. Wakes me up before I go, girl.

emi love

Gah! Not the coffee maker!


Being a list maker - check

Mr. Puffy

You actually made me feel better about my week - LOL

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