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December 16, 2011



how on earth did you get that on her?


Very carefully.


What yarn did you use? Love the colors!


The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Encore Colorspun #7516


lol, I love it :) That's the look I see on the faces of all the cats that are forced into hand-knit sweaters.


Frankly, a tiny, sparsly-pelted dog just NEEDS a stylish, body-hugging statement like that. :))


hee hee heee! adorable!! (my cats will love that picture:)


She has the same look on her face that my corgi did when put into a child's cow costume.


Watch out!! That may be a mad face. Retribution could be coming.


Sometimes you need a sporty sweater to distract from a bad hair day. Thanks for the much needed giggle.


I think it's adorable. :-)


Ummm...I think a raglan might be more flattering and...maybe keep the dog away from the electric sockets in the future?


Made me laugh!


Too funny! Unfortunately my canine needs one in winter too. I stick to ones that don't need to go over heads or around legs. Sweaters with flaps, straps and buttons. Much easier!


Thanks, I needed that!


Haha! Awww, poor thing. Did you have to cut it off?

Elle in NorCal

Well, chunkier yarn (to bulk out that anorexic figure), a lovely teal color with a fluffy trim on neck and legs would be ABFAB!


Hee, hee! My dog would NEVER put up with that! Though I've been VERY tempted to make her a red baseball-shirt-style sweater for her black-and-white self. Encore Colorspun, really? Gosh, I thought it was sock yarn.


I like it.


awww don't stop now! i've been looking for the perfect yorkie sweater that is not a pull over...pullovers do not work when you are a dog! keep trying i'll be waiting for the perfect result!

Pamela Langford

Hahaha, Love it. Started my morning with a laugh thank you.


The sweater is adorable, but your dog doesn't look too happy!


Hilarious! But watch out, after this she will have the ASPCA on speed-dial.

Windsor Grace

I designed sweaters for my dog for a couple of years and he never appreciated them and constantly tried to destroy them. And I realized I could buy one for 4 dollars at the store. No more knitting for the dog

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