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December 30, 2011


Gaile E

OH NO! Nightmare is right. But it still looks like you had a great time!


Nightmarish indeed. Thank heavens you were in a beautiful, fun place. Surely there were LYSs to console yourself!


Awww...crap! Hate it when that happens!

erin kate

Oh my goodness I feel your pain! Cute photos though. :)


Crap!! That's the worst...and they must have really wondered what you were gonna do with a 32" circular needle, lol. And you sister's boots are fantastic!


I photocopied a working copy of my pattern, laid it on the couch next to the project bag and my purse, and somehow forgot to put the pattern in my purse with the project bag. Had to figure it out as I went along. There was frogging involved. But I figured it out!

Lucy Chen

So much fun!

Geri Inglis

Yikes! The other day I hauled 1/3 of a worsted weight shawl onto the commuter train for the 45 min. ride into the city only to discover I had left the pattern at home! Thank goodness I had a second project with me.


Every single time I've invested hours planning my trip projects, I've left some key item behind. The pattern, important notes, much needed accessories, sufficient amounts of yarn or some dang thing. Not once, however, have I actually forgotten the yarn. You make me feel good. This was hilarious. But only now, of course. Had I been there with you - as a knitting amigo - I would have been appropriately mad as hell.


Oh shit!


Oh shit! Nothing is worse than forgetting the yarn. I've done that before too. At least the trip was still good. :)


How perfect that we had snow for your visit!! My daughter was so happy to have a white Christmas since Colorado and white Christmas go hand in hand. I usually forget my pattern...or the proper needles. Glad you enjoyed your trip!


Oh No!!! I've done that, what a nightmare!!!!
I feel your pain. Regards, Anita.




Best boots I ever saw!

Don't worry about that you can do it some other time. The most important is you have a great time with your trip in fact you won at the slots.


I'm so tickled! I have the giggles, thinking you left the yarn. Oh well, you can use your vast winnings to buy some more!


Sheesh, haven't we all done something like that? I forced my DH to pull over to find an obscure yarn shop on a trip, just because I forgot my needles.....like I need another millionth pair of size 5's, but there you go....

Donna Boucher

How fun to win!! I'm really glad you had a wonderful vacay!!


Oh, that breaks my heart. I'm so sorry! I would have insisted we find a lys so I could buy something new to work on!


can't say I've done that before but if I did...I'd hit the local yarn shop and start a new project (that I do often)

you finish your's...mine remain UFO for far too long

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