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August 15, 2011



thanks for the laugh! I have been thinking of names lately, randomly speaking out loud to the little being kicking my internal organs right now, and than researching to make sure I am not naming her after someone or something ridiculous. I keep running into names that I know my family used on dogs in the past, which I am sure they would relentlessly remind me of if I chose them....


QUICK! Change her name back to Miss Fitz...STAT! :-) Love the hat. I'll have to show it to T2; that's the kind of hat she asked me to make for her. And I cannot BELIEVE how grown-up Girlfriend is looking! Sheesh, I remember when she was still in diapers and wearing her Disney Princess nightgown four days in a row as a dress (SO normal!)...


Our milkman is called Mr. Bullock. He thinks it's funny and always makes a point of saying that you can get milk from this Bullock.
But when you meet people with really weird names it kind of makes you wonder why they haven't changed the name when they could.

I think Ms. Fitz suits her well, but then does Loretta!

Katrina West

Girlfriend does look so tall! And Miss Fitz is really cute! :)


Girlfriend is growing up! What a beautiful kid. :) My own 10 year-old apparently grew 3 inches overnight and can now wear my shoes -- how does this happen?

Jon Heder (Napoleon himself) worked for my FIL's company for about 3 weeks in college, but was let go because he didn't finish some mandatory training in time (this was all before the movie).


Love, love, love the bonnet. I've been wanting to make something just like that for my little girl. That's the cutest pattern I've seen.

Seanna Lea

Funny names were a godsend when I was working in interlibrary loan in college. One of my friends worked for the science library doing their reserves and got to have such fun things like "The Masculine Motor" by Professor Cox.

Yup, my friends and I are simple and we like it that way!


I love that bonnet. I don't wear hats; I hate the way they feel and they always make my bangs go weird and my forehead itch. This bonnet though? That I would wear. Looking forward to the pattern!

Deborah B.

I would like your dad.


Love the bonnet, love the dog. Your dad's story sounds just like something my dad would have said. Your story brought tears to my eyes, I sure miss those stories.


Wow. First, the hat is super cute! Second, I can't believe how much girlfriend has grown! I'm sure you feel the same ;)


My sister's name is Maggie Magnifico, but she's not in the circus, she's just really cool to take her husband's name.


I went to school with a kid named Gary Gray, people had trouble with that, Gray Gray or Gary Gary. Cute dog with a cute name. Hope she doesn't take up your dad's neighbor's problem.


I went to school with a guy, last name Butts; and a girl, last name Bunds. We wanted them to get married so she could hyphonate. True story :)


I hear you abt Blanket. I think wine was involved. Your wine escapade turned out MUCH better. Ms Fitz is adorable!!

Oh and my dd looked over my shoulder while I was reading and has informed me that she LOVES the bonnet and I need to knit one for her. Looking forward to your release of the pattern!

BTW Girlfriend is beautiful!!! I read the comments and I also remember when she wore her Princess nightgown as a dress for four days. My Baby Girl used to do the same thing!!! Now it's all bling all the time. GOtta love 9 y/os!!

Mary K. in Rockport

That's my last name, too, and it led to many unfortunate jokes during my childhood and early adulthood, especially when my best friend's last name was Cox.....


"Blanket". Hmm. When I was expecting our 4th baby, my 4 year old son suggested we name the new baby "Fishsticks." We elected not to and she is very grateful!


But...Blanket is a nickname. His name is Prince Michael Jackson II. Our last name is Ware--was thinking about naming our daughter, should we ever have one, Silver. Had a boy instead. Probably for the best.


Oh my God, you are always witty, but this post takes the cake. I laughed SO hard. I love it... "Loretta Fitz." I hope she does not lay in a hammock all day and fart. And the holiday card from the Balls, I would die laughing and then FRAME it. That is so perfect. I love the bonnet, too! What a great idea, and it's beautiful!


Oh. Sorry; you're right. His name is Prince.

That is almost as bad as Blanket, unless you're short, wear high heels, and are smokin' hot.


I just have to say - girlfriend is growing up to be quite a beautiful young lady! (And I think she looks jut like her mom.) My own "girlfriend" leaves tomorrow for college. I am torn!

I was working in interlibrary loan in college. One of my friends worked for the science library doing their reserves and got to have such fun things like "The Masculine Motor" by Professor Cox... I've been wanting to make something just like that for my little girl.


My 11th grade English teacher was Mr. Butts. His wife's first name was Gay. Sometimes she would be his substitute. She made sure to always write her name on the board, in whole, "Mrs. Gay Butts." Good sense of humor, that. :) (this is a true story).


Girlfriend is growing so fast!

A co-worker likes to write that she is bringing her favourite dish to any staff events. Her husband's name is Dick. For obvious reasons she can't say she's bringing her favourite Dick.


Went to high school with a kid named Rusty Pipes. He had a brother named Smokey. I kid you not.

Needless to say, I was not all that surprised when I saw ol' Rusty's mug shot in the newspaper a couple of years ago for drug possession. According to my DH, Rusty was never the sharpest knife in the drawer.

P.S. Also had a classmate by the name of April Love.

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