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July 21, 2011



Honey, Your're not nuts, just a busy working mom. I call days like that, Monday.


That is a regular day for me....


Blame age; that's what I always do.


Brilliant! That made me laugh, and made me thankful that I'm not the only one who does stuff like that.


You're flippin' awesome. I once wore my underwear inside out, but luckily, that's less noticeable.


I Love this!!! Completely awesome! Thanks for making me feel as normal as you!


Thanks for passing along the normalcy and the smiles!

Billi Cummings

After I stopped belly laughing for forever, I had to say, THANKYOU!


Phew....glad to hear I am not alone.

As for the "color change" - love the power of the Blog.


YES that awesome!!!! I am so glad that I am not alone. At least you did not have toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

Judi A

Do you have any idea of how good this makes the rest of us feel?! :-)


Thanks for the laugh! I don't feel so bad about some of the things I do now, or at least not alone :)


You just made my day. Thanks for the laugh!


I love this post! Bwahahahaha!

And I love my Jordan... it is one of my most frequently worn handknits. :)


OMG that is soooo funny! Makes me feel down right sane. ;-)


I'm so glad I'm not the only one that does goofy stuff. Welcome to my world.


I'd be busting out laughing if I didn't see myself doing the very same thing. We're creative, so we're scatter-brained. It comes with the territory.


welcome to my world. yes, a sense of humor really helps.


Thank you for making me feel that I am not the only one! Really, after doing several things like that in the same day I start to feel crazy and alone. Now I just feel crazy. So funny!!


Love to read stuff like this Wendy...I'm older than you and I haven't done this yet...thank you.
So far...my clothes still go on the right way...but maybe I should start checking?
At least the men are smiling at you - that's always a good thing...:)


I'm sitting here swatching for a winter sweater and not feeling any love. This post reminded me that I bought enough extra hempathy to knit a Jordan. I bet I would feel some love for that.

Off to swatch with weather appropriate yarn.


I used to blame this sort of thing on hormones, now I blame it on lack of hormones :)


It happens to us all - In my case I refer to it as Mentalpause.


I think we are about the same age. This happens to me a lot. I recently read that our brains get so full of info that it starts discarding stuff. I like that theory and I'm going to start using it in my defense. You're welcome to borrow it if you need it.


As you can see from the post above, I have forgotten things like grammar.

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