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July 17, 2011



I think it looks beautiful. :)


That, like everything you make, is absolutely stunning! I have been thinking of making a quilt, and now I'm inspired. I love the idea of collecting fabric that strikes your fancy in 1/2 yards. That makes it really affordable, too!

I completely agree about following your heart. I have a real problem following patterns ever since I started designing myself. Now if I follow a pattern, I tweak it a bit, do it my way, add something, remove something. It's very empowering and rewarding.


I call that Following Your Joy. Because you have to. No one can do it for you and it is never wrong.


I like your style Wendy.


Beautiful sentiment, and beautiful quilt as well.

not supergirl

Kudos from another occasional quilter who is inspired by what the rest do but still makes it up as she goes along. I also like the wrinkles. For my sister, I'd do the quilt before drying the fabric, then toss it in the washer and dryer. The way it shrinks is kind of charming, and she loved charming handmade stuff as much as anyone I know. Here's hoping her girls develop the same appreciation. I'm doing my best to cultivate it. :)

Sharon K

broken, beaten up, and uplifted,
and all that. i always wonder if that's how the ancestors felt. my g'ma had 2 marriages and 12 kids during and post the depression and my g'pa worked for the CCC and TVA. i have a 'special' baby quilt made for me, where every bit is from the same few sets of fabric, and an 'every day' quilt from shirts and ties, and she ran out of the border fabric, so it's only the same on 3 edges...the only thing that matches is that it's mostly shades of blue fabric. i can only imagine - was it a chore, or was it a bit of whimsy that she got to indulge in for relief from life in appalachia? i remember when she got an indoor potty. it was the same year i got contacts, in mid 1970's.
so, i figure your quilt is just fine! be sure to tell girlfriend the story.


That is gorgeous! I love quilts with simple patterns and stunning fabrics.
I also love the idea of a quilting bee with cocktails...


I sure do.

toni in florida

Beautiful quilt, wonderful post. And this may be the only type/technique of quilting I could handle, so thanks for the inspiration.


Well said, and beautiful quilt!

I do the same.

I've been sorting thru my storage boxes and coming upon a LOT of 1/4 and 1/2 yd pieces. I like the idea of the jelly roll quilt. Think I know what I'm going to do with all that fabric...

Gina in the SF Bay Area

It's beautiful. The colors are gorgeous and it is so you. And this is coming from one someone has been quilting since the 80s and used to buy all those little flower prints -- until I discovered batiks, my second love (second only to yarn).


Stunning. I have been saving my husbands old dress shirts and started cuttng them up to make a quilt for my son. I am so not a quilter so i am just wingng armed only with what knowldege i have been getting by readng everything i can. Wish me luck!

Princess Di

Mad cool. I really enjoy the machine quilting. A GF and I machine quilted a knitting bag. I made it with "coffee" cup material patches. I love it cuz I made it. Love the quilt.


Thank you again for your wonderful insight. You always make me laugh with how similar we are. here's my post about free range sewing. :)


Robin F.

As a quilter and a knitter I appreciate your comments on many levels. The love made items I give as gifts provide hugs from me to the new owners. While I like many styles I hate rules for my crafts so I like to be inventive. Thanks for sharing. Your books are notated by my 3 DD as to which sweaters they want and which colors.

Seanna Lea

I think your quilt looks perfect. I don't care that something is done "right," because if I did everything the right way then in sewing land I would never get anything done.


Nice job...I don't follow manuals in life, I'm the suspicious type and wonder "who made them the expert?"...
so I bounce along in life getting beat along the way but have a much happier ride.

Enjoy your week..three books huh?
I remember when you were working on the first.


Love your quilt.. It look beautiful,. I always say that about my knitting it you want it to be perfect buy it...


my favorite post by far....
you rock

Connie G.

Good for you and I love the quilt.

Baby by the Sea

Perfect. I'm inspired to make a jelly roll with my hodge-podge of fabrics.
Seriously, that is one lovely quilt.

mary pat

Made my own strip quilt (all red and white) a few months ago and I am hooked! Throw it over a chair and wait for tons of compliments. Love your color combos! I am working on a pink vintage one for my daughter's bed now!


Gorgeous - love it - and you cracked me up with No Quilt for You!!
PS I am also a quilter.

donna lee

That's the beauty of hand crafts. You have permission to make what appeals to YOU. Your quilt is happy and beautiful. I follow directions when I have to have a certain result. Otherwise, it's "to hell with the directions" and I do it my way. Sometimes it works and sometimes it works even better.

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