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July 09, 2010


Toni R.

I worked for major craft store for a total of four months and at least once a week I would have a conversation almost exactly like that. I feel your pain.


Seriously? Talk about not wanting to be confused by the facts... I think I'd have to take mood-altering pharmaceuticals to deal with this sort of thing.

Jeanie Babbage

What I fail to understand is how people expect so much follow-up care for a pattern that usually cost less than $10. I really think that after checking for errata that we,as crafts people, should accept any issues arising from changes as our own problems. Most patterns are very clear about what it takes to duplicate the item in the picture.

Adventure knitter

That is hilarious!! And the funniest part is that I just read that conversation to my husband and he just looked at me and said "huh? Is that funny??". Awesome.


Wow. I have similar conversations, though non craft related all day long. I feel your pain, and pass you a glass of wine.

Christina Bieloh

That conversation has me alternating between laughing loudly and kinda twitching at the thought of having to deal with a convo like that! :)


Funny and painful at the same time. Funny because people DO ask really stupid questions. Painful because after a day of those questions you really want to bang your head on a wall because it can't hurt (more). It doesn't just happen in the land of knitting either. You wouldn't believe the stupid questions I got asked while designing web sites.

Rainy Daisy

Good god. I hope it was via email, so at least you didn't have to look the idiot in the eye and pretend to respect them.

My sister guides hiking trips up various mountains. She got a call from a nervous hiker that went like this:

Safety Lady: "How steep is the mountain?"
Sister: "About 30-45 degrees at the steepest."
SL: "Oh. Well, how steep is it on the way down?"
S:"......about the same."
SL: "Is it scary? Do you think I'll be scared?"
S: "I can tell you that I won't put you in any dangerous situations, and that we'll prepare as much as possible for any potential safety concerns, but I have NO IDEA whether or not YOU WILL PERCEIVE it as being dangerous."

This is maybe not so bad in print, but imagine these two questions being asked over and over during a 20 minute conversation....about just that topic.

Anyway. No more rambling. I feel for you. Maybe it's time to screen your emails?


There's such a thing as scented poop bags?


This makes me laugh at the same time that it makes my neck tweak to the point of no return.

You have patience girl.



OYYYYYYYYY freakin Veyyyyyyyyy


I've never heard of poop bags before! And I really had no idea about scented bags! I thought everyone just used leftover supermarket carrier bags.


That's what we typically do: Use market bags, but they usually have a lot of holes. Chuck has some mean, big steaming poops, so HWWV buys little poop bags in rolls. (However, in our neighborhood/city, if you're on a hiking/horse trail, which is likely since we live in a really open area, the city has little stands that supply them to you every half-mile or so, so you don't have to use your own). These tend to be good ones, but I'm not so sure about their biodegradability (is that a word?)

Thing is, some store-bought poop bags are so heavily scented it makes you sick. The others are not scented but are so thin you can feel the poop as if you're touching it with bare fingers while picking it up.

Sorry for the high jack. Just thought it was interesting that someone hadn't heard of poop bags.


So... let me ask you this: if you had known at the start how much work would go into pattern creation and how much support you'd need to provide following, how you'd need to instruct on knitting basics over and over again, and all this for so little monetary return - would you still have done it? And if so, would you have done it differently?


Teri, I'd still do it...as long as once in awhile I could vent to my readers who understand that I'm here because I do love it and even though there are days that are hard, I wouldn't change anything...except for, perhaps, the nonsensical questions.

I mean, I could go back to what I used to do and make the big bucks again (with a whole other set of annoyances), but then I wouldn't be at home with Girlfriend.

Totally worth it.


i don't know anything about not being able to eat wheat but i read this blog where the woman makes amazing looking things and also cannot eat wheat. maybe it would be a good resource to check out some recipes: http://cannelle-vanille.blogspot.com/


I am surprised she didn't ask you to knit it for her...it is your pattern after all..........

Lynne Averill

LOL Consider the source. These same people were probably never taught to think outside the box( schools not longer teach creative writing, or or Home Ec.) The government tell us what is good or bad ( like seat belts and smoking arghghgh) heck alot of people can't add without a calculator or make simple change without a machine or read a map.
REMEMBER you write for" the other 99% of us that go "ooohhh aahhh I wonder if I could do that?" and "wow isn't it amazing what we can do with a hunk of twisted fibre" .
Yeah for us! LOTSA hugs....

Margo K of VA

My, you did affect an aura of calm without!Within, just might be a bit different. Good for you for keeping on task through out the discussion.

Robin Tanis

I'm impressed that you even bothered to reply to this question.


I remember various teachers in elementary school saying things like "there is no such thing as a stupid question." LIARS!!


Years ago I worked as a teller at a credit union and I had a similar conversation with a client. It involved me using paper and pen and a lot of patience. So I have to wonder, do these knitters contact the author of a recipe when they make a substitution like basil for oregano?

Princess Di

Thing is no matter what we're talking about, said person should ADVANCE as they gain experience. Whether we're talking knitting, cooking, etc. I have a certain GF that if I make a recipe and she wants it, she needs to know EVERY millimeter I put in the thing. I don't measure sometimes. Me personally, I want to grow in my endeavor. What's the worse that can happen? Be FEARLESS!


I had never heard of poop bags either.

We just use Walmart bags.

I just love this blog for gluten free recipes. Her recipes actually taste *good* and she is funny to boot.



"Hell is other people." -Jean Paul Sartre

(one of the only useful things I learned from my advanced degree in philosophy.)

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