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June 28, 2010



When I went to camp (both as a camper and a counselor), we usually made keychains looping the plastic lace through a hook before starting the stitch. I prided myself on being able to begin weaving without having to make a knot first.

I was last a counselor in the summer of 1995 and finally threw out my leftover box of supplies in 2007! Having never been a camper, I'd say you've earned your new hobby and should enjoy it for years to come.

Now don't get me started on friendship bracelets.


Nice. I don't know what they're called either, but my daughter recently went crazy for this plastic stuff also.

I hear ya. My hair is washed. That's at least a good thing. But then again, it's REALLY hot here in NYC and we don't have AC in our 100 year old building, so washing frequently is a necessity.

Otherwise - laze. That is pretty much my entire existence right now.


The national poet laureate Billy Collins has this great poem called "the lanyard"; here's the link:
I'm not such a big poetry reader myself, but I really liked this one. I hope you do, too :)


That's so funny. A few weeks ago, I introduced my stepdaughters to gimp and we made lanyards too. Although, we just called them friendship bracelets. My aunts used to do them with me when I was little. Great memories with that weird stretchy plastic stuff!

Rainy Daisy

ok, OR you took some time to bond with your daughter and live in the moment. I think it says something just wonderful that you can make something and keep making it so blissfully, even though you have no intention of using it for anything. It's the making that is important. The same way kids do - just because it's pretty, and brilliant to see that your hands can construct something so darn neat.

Besides, I'd be willing to bet five bucks that those busy bees are neglecting something big. If it's not their hair, it's the cultivation of their other passions. Why just one? Or maybe they're just showing you the stuff that they work on, and neglecting to talk about anything else. Boring, dude.



@Susan, oh my word. I LOVE that poem. It is amazing. Thank you for posting it.



They are technically called Scoubidou, or at least the action of making them is called Scoubidou. I have no idea why though... It's originally French if that explains anything.


It's called the Lazy Days of Summer.... we all get a little off task. Don't tell me that stuff is cheap! My Mom always told us it was SOOOO expensive when we'd beg for it before going on vacation. Hopefully I won't be distracted by it the next time I'm in the craft store. Have you learned to weave it into a round swirly tube yet?

Hook and Needle

I made crazy amounts of lanyards at summer camp. All on keychains. To the point where every zipper I owned was adorned with a lanyard. They are super addicting and utterly useless and now I want to go make some too!


I call that creative A.D.D. because that's what I do all the time. I'm working on one thing, then something else catches my attention and then I'm doing that non-stop.
I get it!


You're not alone. I have the very same issues. Ten years ago I went out and bought hundreds (maybe thousands) of yards of that plastic junk for lanyards. Just the other day I was just asking my daughter if we still have any because my ADD led me down the path of contemplating crocheting with the stuff (don't ask why). Luckily the spinning caught me again and I've moved on to that. I have spun obsessively, into the wee hours, for the past several days. All of this to avoid the design work that I really should be doing. Don't even get me started on being caught in my pj's at 2pm.


I don't know what it is about those things but they are strangely satisfying. I don't do them myself but the colors and texture (I also love seed stitch) gets to me. Someone needs to come up with a use for them, that's what *I* think.


Love your journal. . . where did you get it?

Angie S.

Having not gone to summer camp it's ok to make those things all day long because you're making up for time missed!

The Maiden Metallurgist

I think missing out on summer camp gives you a pass for spending a few afternoons frivilously weaving lanyards.


Cassidy's right, they're called Scoubidou's..I tend to make them to put on keyrings - they taste nicer when you run out of hands and need to hold your keys with your mouth!


I just taught my 7 year old how to make them--she's obsessed, but hasn't figured out how to do it by herself so I have to help her. A lot. :-p But at least we're spending some productive time together.


LOL - Lanyards... yes!! I wonder if I can entertain my young sons with a weave or two. Heck, I'll wear them for earrings if it will keep them busy for awhile. Feeling a trip to JoAnns coming on...

Oh, btw, you are simply being a great mom sharing fun memories and talent with your daughter!


I agree with jomamma, these are the lazy days of summer for a reason...:)
And as far as doing something creative when you're supposed to be working (even if it's "creative work"--I know, I make jewelry): I find that sometimes, doing something different for a while sparks a bunch of new creative pathways in my tired brain, and then I'm thinking of all these other cool things I could do with the stuff I'm supposed to be "working" on. Keeps me fresh.


I remember the summer I was 10 or so we made oodles of those - keychains, bracelets, necklaces, leashes for our stuffed animals. Then we started making the ribbon hair barrettes. Hundreds of yards of ribbon in every color. We mixed and matched colors to see who could make the best one. What simple, easy summer fun that was. Of course, then there was always a session or two of tye-dying everything we could get our hands on! Enjoy the summer crafts.


As a (very) ocassional commenter but an everyday reader I feel it's my duty to speak the obvious. For gosh sakes, knit something with this stuff and kill two birds with one stone. Just think of the things you could make - a door mat, a market bag...um...er...a hammock...a...shower curtain. See tons of stuff.

Having grown up in the country I never got to go to camp but my kids did and I'm sure I still have the plastic lacing stuff. I guess I should go look.

Brenda Jones

I only went to summer camp one time, but it was a beaut. My dad was Army, so we were in (then) West Germany in 1954. The Army provided as much of an "at home" experience as possible to the military personnel and families. It included summer camp for us kiddos -- in the Black Forest, no less. We had G.I.s for camp counselors, slept in Army issue tents with all Army supplies. We were somewhat treated like new recruits. Yes, we were taught to make our bunks regulation style -- you could bounce a quarter on the snug blanket. I still put sheets on the bed in the same way. We actually were treated to the experience of learning how to fire a rifle from a prone position. We had reveille in the mornings, and we had better be ready on the parade ground. But boy, it was a great experience that I would not trade for anything.


. . . but did they teach you the ever important skill of weaving lanyards?! That is the question!


We survived our lanyard frenzy about a year and a half ago when it swept through the 5th grade. There may be a couple of miles of the stuff in one of the craft boxes.


Oh just have fun.

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