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June 06, 2010


Liz Chatwell

OMG! I'm working on the cabled beret too! I'm stuck though at the decreases. Have you gotten that far? I'm not sure how to read her directions...


No, not yet. I have about 3 inches done so far.

Liz Anderson

It sounds like your neighbors are hoping to be cast in the follow up movie to the blockbuster, "Role Models."

If you've seen it, you know I'm working my snark gene.


From the website: "Belegarth Medieval Combat Society (or Belegarth, for short) is a live-action battlegame organization devoted to simulating Dark Age and medieval combat. Participants may focus on history, but are also free to include elements of fantasy such as those from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings."
That's why they're wearing Tolkien garb. :)


In my town, every Sunday all summer long, folks with foam weapons gather to whack each other. There is no rule on costume or era, you just have to be armed with a non-lethal weapon and go down when you have been "killed." It is normally a series of waves where one half of those who show up are on one side and the other half on the other side. At some point the two sides begin to charge each other and the battle ensues. Last man standing, both sides go back to their end and repeat.
Here is a link of a dual at said gathering. In the background at one point you can see a line of people, that is how it normally is-group battles. This dual is interesting because one of the fighters is in samurai garb.


Jordan will be gorgeous in that color. ps. cute nail polish. pps. I think you can just call it LARPing (live action role playing) and everyone's happy.


I'm very close to decreasing on my Jordan too. It's too bad I have to teach full time or it would be done already. Love the pattern! :)


Your new pattern, Jordan, looks great on you! Very impressed how quickly you made it. I just bought the 24/7 book - I love that beret and so many other patterns in that book!


well, you did say you wanted people to have hobbies... :-)

Donna Boucher

What a gorgeous picture!!!


Ok, the role playing thing is hilarious. That's wonderful. I once dated a guy who did that (I didn't know about it until long after we started dating. he was in the closet) stuff and was really addicted to it.

He and his "larping" (live action role rplaying) friends would spend HOURS doing this stuff.

Well, he had fun with it anyway. I can't judge. It made him (and countless others) happy.

I just choose to let my freak flag fly in other areas. Heh.


Haha my husband must be reading your blog or something! He's forever peering out the blinds spying on what our neighbors are up to!

steph conley

nothing wrong with LARPing really.... just a different way to spend time. In fact, the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) are really big in to the history of things and do shows and classes for different knitting and spinning styles/patterns/etc.... they even do wars and weeks where merchants will sell their wares (another source of fleeces anyone? spinning wheels hand built by the guy sitting in front of you?).
There are other LARPing games that are more fantasy than history... so you will have elves and dwarves and such..... but with all the possible things for people to do with a group.... larping is the more socially friendly one (and generally less naked).


This is why I like blogging so much...I always learn something new!


Wow! In my neighborhood, one car going by is big excitement.

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