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March 03, 2010



In terms of police activity and wife/daughter sightings. Each time the wife has visited, three cop cars have arrived with her. The reason will surprise you. It's not what you think

Well,what is the reason?


Yes, we're dying to know!

Alice in Richmond

One of my crazy neighbors moved the other is very sick. I am sad to have nothing to amuse me while I knit.


It's a cliffhanger....and it makes me soooo glad our crazy neighbors have been replaced by nice neighbors! Honestly, the Crazies next door used to all gather on their front porch with binoculars & stare at our daughter's bedroom window. Not too creepy, huh?


Oh you tease. Please, tell us. Why the police?


Tell, tell!

PS Right now I am trying to figure out what my landlord's son is upset about. He's in his mid 30s (same as my twins) and lives with his parents right below me. He can be very whiny which makes it difficult to understand what he's saying. I might have to go lay down on the floor to better hear.

Jocelyn Grayson

Nothing like an early morning reference to ABC to get me going! Thanks for that!


just listened to whole album--album? is that still a word?


It's like a soap opera, only better!

Will the blob's surgery turn out fabulous once it's "bandages" come off? Has the neighbour gone crazy? Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of Knits of our Lives!


Can't wait to see the UKO (unidentified knitted object). The colors are beautiful and the stitch looks interesting inspite of it's blobby posture.


I kind of like "used-to-be-a-blob" or you could call it Steve McQueen. He was in the 1950's movie, "The Blob".

My next door neighbour is a butcher and I won't tell you what I thought the first time I saw him get out of his car with his apron still on. He sometimes forgets to take it off and it can be disconcerting if he catches you off guard.


I love cowl, connected scarf, neck warmer thingy's. ;)

Looking forward to seeing the blob modeled. cheers!


What? What? How can you just dangle this in front of us that way?

Three cop cars? Always three? What can that mean?


Honestly, the best stuff already happened. I talked about the cop cars weeks ago...

She arrives with cop cars for some reason, always three. She runs in and gets stuff out of the house and stuffs it into her car and then drives off.

Come to think of it, she has arrived three times--that I could see--always with three cop cars. I honestly think the city doesn't have enough to do.


In a sea of positive comments, I'm sure you can weather mine...I hope.

That yarn...the colors...ick. It looks like broccoli going bad, doesn't it? I'm sure the pattern is beautiful, but maybe in blues and purples...


Melinda, that's the power of knitting for yourself...you can choose to knit with whatever color you like.


Looking at the photo of the "blob" all that comes to mind is "Spinach"!


Living in NYC crazy neighbors are a dime a dozen but I'm anxious to hear what kinda crazy you got going on over there!

K. M. Jones

You could call it an Infiknit


Very diplomatic Wendy. Melinda, to each his own, I think the colours are lovely.


The colorway is gorgeous - reminds me of one that I bought for a friend & now really regret not picking up for myself. Some folks just can't stand green - there's one at my LYS who never fails to tell me about that when I'm using green.


Wendy--I am sorry if I offended! I did not mean to. I'm sure if you looked into my knitting projects and my stash, you'd think it was a boring sea of blues, with not enough green.


You never fail to amuse me! And the comments made me laugh out loud!
In years past we had police here a couple of times - non-emergency & non-drama - to make various reports etc. and the nosy neighbor who lived across the street would call up the next day to ask if I was having trouble with any of the neighbors, or just basically to ask what was going on. My vague answers drove her crazy!

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